5 thoughts on “How about This for Change?

  1. If there’s going to be any screwing going on – Let the Conservatives SCREW the ever-loving crap out of the Communists and Rinos! Let’s gather our forces and dominate the House, Senate and every other public office in America. If the MSM refuses to follow us tune them off. Without an audience they will not have sponsors and without sponsors they will fail. Make Them Fail! Take Back Our America! This Is WAR!

  2. Will this law if it goes into effect put the United Nations in control the Columbia River along with all water tributaries
    of the USA ????

    If you read down the Executive order under Sec. 2. Policy. in the Whitehouse link below you will see where it says the Obama Administration is going to (iii) pursuing the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention . The USA is a Sovereign nation I thought and No International control over Our Resources can be done without the rights of the US citizens to be in control of its Nations resources , what do you call this ?????

    Why are we the people allowing this to happen ????????

    Piece by piece, America being given away
    US House puts oceans, coasts under UN http://www.un.org/Depts/los/index.htm : Senate vote will seal the deal




  3. I have already cancelled every liberal media magazine subscription. Time magazine actually asked my why. 🙂 Since Obama is such a huge partial-birth abortion fan, I’m waiting for the Time cover, “Why Does Obama Hate Newborn Babies?”

    • Most newspapers, magazines and TV stations are run by Liberals, that is why the current adminstration is afraid of the internet.

  4. Obama needs to come clean and tell the real truth about when the American people started to get screwed by its Global elite leadership ……. Is President Obama only doing what the Trilateral Commission says to ?? Its time the Political ELITE Tell we the people what they have been Up Too ???????

    Click this link scroll down to The Rockefeller Plan – “Tricky” Dick Nixon and Trickier Rockefellers The USA was taken off the Gold Standard for a Very evil reason They are Lying about it all being a Free Market , LYING !!

    , scroll to the last paragraph in the segment and read the proof about my claim that we were taken off the Gold Standard for a Very strategic reason , but read the whole segment on why they did it …. I think where we are today is at a very tricky point , dollar collapse is a Strategy , but with Government in Control of Food through the network its engineered the elite will make sure they have access to supply while the squeeze the Middle class to Death literally by extracting the wealth with dollar devaluation , we are at the tipping point for this collapse , you can see it with the way the Government is printing its own Operating Capital and placing it in the Holding Banks that are financing the most Important sectors of the Vital Needs basket . We the people need to rise Up and Demand the USA be put back on the Gold Standard and Re-Capitalize the USA economy and put the Small Business Mom and Pop economy back to work , and if the rest of the world wants to follow fine if not see ya later WTO Free Trade Agreement !!!


    I say we the USA people take back Our Country and Kick the elite out of Washington DC this NOV if they DON”T WANT TO STAND FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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