Media Matters attacks those who noticed Obama edited the Declaration

American Thinker
The Soros-funded empire strikes back. Media Matters rushes to defend Barack Obama’s editing of the Declaration of Independence,  a story that American Thinker first broke nationally Saturday morning, and which has now spread to other conservative sites, talk radio, but so far no mainstream media.
Media Matters chooses to mock those who noticed, rather than deal with the awkward question of exactly why the President of the United States would balk at noting that our rights come from our Creator, not from the goodwill of the government. That sort of question is to be deflected rather than pondered. That’s why Soros pays them, after all.

New Records Show DOJ Lied About New Black Panther Dismissal

Pajamas Media

Judicial Watch made an explosive announcement today about the Justice Department’s stonewalling in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case dismissal. Forced to bring a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after DOJ rebuffed its public records request (so much for transparency), Judicial Watch obtained a privilege log from the DOJ last week.

It shows — in a rather dramatic way — that the DOJ has been untruthful about who was involved in the dismissal of the case.

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Republican Transparency in Florida

The American Spectator

TAMPA — A forensic audit released Friday by the Republican Party of Florida ties Florida Governor and independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist to thousands of dollars of Republican donors’ money spent not on party business but for Crist’s personal benefit. The same audit clears Crist’s main Senate opponent, conservative Republican Marco Rubio, of any wrongful spending.

The audit lays even more misspending at the feet of Jim Greer, Crist’s handpicked party chairman who was forced to resign in January and was indicted in March on six counts of grand theft and money laundering in connection to his dealings with RPOF funds.

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