Get Off Her Back


After a rough and tumble primary contest Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell emerged victorious over a Republican member of Congress whose voting record had to have endeared him to Nancy Pelosi. His voting record marked him as the ultimate RINO (Republican in name only).

He was also the darling of the Republican establishment which does not take kindly to having their pronouncements from on high ignored. And they had pronounced Christine O’Donnell unacceptable. No matter how far out her opponent was in left field, he was their man.

Despite their support, mirabile dictu, their man lost. And to make matters worse, he lost to a woman who does not fit into what appears to be their image of an ideal Republican. The woman actually thinks for herself and the establishment can’t tolerate such independence from a member of the party they regard as solely and completely their property.

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United Nations Considers International Tax to Support MDG’s


NEW YORK, September 16 (C-FAM) – Sixty nations will present a declaration to implement an international currency transaction tax during the UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) summit that begins next week at United Nations headquarters in New York. As members of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, these nations will propose a tax they contend is necessary to bridge alleged funding gaps for the MDGs. Estimates judge the gap in development financing to fall between $324-336 billion a year from 2012 to 2017.

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First Democrat Joins House GOP Effort to Repeal Health Care Law

Fox News

Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor has become the first Democratic co-sponsor of a Republican effort to repeal the health care law, joining 172 GOPers to call for a vote to end the legislation.

Taylor, an 11-term lawmaker known as a Blue Dog for his fiscal moderation, issued a statement Thursday saying that he is joining the “discharge petition” proposed by Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law on March 23.

“I didn’t vote for it, people don’t want it, and the taxpayers cannot afford it,” Taylor said in a statement issued on his website.

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Five suspected Islamist terrorists arrested over assassination plot

The men were arrested during raids at 5.45am at a rubbish depot in central London based on an intelligence tip off received overnight.

The suspects, aged 26, 27, 36, 40 and 50 were arrested by officers from Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

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