Rino Rampage


Quick, pass the tranquilizer darts, the RINOs are spooked.  Karl Rove stomped and pawed the ground in a menacing way with Sean Hannity after Christine O’Donnell’s primary win in Delaware.  RINO hunting season is in full swing.

The RINOs are prepared to defend their long held turf by way of eating their own.  There are, we’re told, issues about O’Donnell’s past about which we are to be concerned.

NOW they’re worried about a candidate’s past?  Barack Obama has a far more troubling past than O’Donnell’s real or imagined one and the Republican let that go with nary a snort.

O’Donnell won.  In fact, she won by a healthy margin.  You know, will of the people and all that.  This RINO versus conservative turf battle is actually healthy.  Survival requires periodically thinning the herd.


2 thoughts on “Rino Rampage

  1. Great find Terry, the RNC better get their act together and fund her big time. I don’t contribute any longer to them I go for individual races, in or out of state. J.C.

    • They had better, if not the People are getting tired of the Government not listening to them and the People have spoken. They didn’t listen to the media this time.

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