Wanted: One Honest and Fearless Judge


But first; does one actually exist in our country?  From all appearances it would not seem that a judge who would rule fairly and constitutionally on the question of eligibility of Barack H. Obama to rule as President and Commander in Chief of our armed services can be found.

As reported online in the American Grand Jury article “Md. Judge Denies Request for Obama’s School Records” (that could include a copy of Obama’s birth certificate) September 02, 2010 it becomes obvious there are none.

Our collection of judges may have many, if not all, who could be in a position of being able to rule fairly and Constitutionally on such a question as Obama’s eligibility but finding just one who is not in fear of making such a ruling or is not in the pockets of those who favor leaving the question unanswered, as the presidential usurper does, is doubtful.  Just ask attorneys Phillip Berg or Orly Taitz who have seen judges turn on them for trying.

I am of the opinion that most of our judges who swear to uphold the Constitution before they can become a judge, rapidly determine not to uphold it once they have their plum of acceptance because if they practiced law in accordance with that all-important document they could not legislate from their position on the bench as they all do once the ego factor consumes any common sense they may have once had.

Now we have another self-important judge, Army Col. Denise R. Lind, ruling against a decorated veteran of our military forces, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin; an 18 year career of bravery and honor and unconditional service to our country, and an obviously intimidated and cowardly court official in fear of ruling against a sitting president, deciding that it was “not relevant” for the military to be considering such claims.

Basically, what that means is that if you are in the military you no longer have protection under the Constitution; that very document that you swore to uphold on entry into military service.  This spineless dispenser of judicial equality feels that the chain of command in the military that led up to the Pentagon should have been sufficient for Lt. Col. Lakin.  Apparently overlooked by this judge was that Obama, as Commander in Chief, is the overall authority for all the military services.

To say that the authority ends at the Pentagon is grossly incorrect.  That is like saying that the chain of command for family discipline leads up to the oldest son, instead of the father.  Obama makes a big point of being the Commander in Chief and though never having had to render a salute in all of his life before, now relishes in returning the salute from the military people as he debarks from Air Force One.

And if Judge Lind is correct, what is the purpose in having people entering the military service swear to uphold the Constitution?  Why swear to uphold something that does not apply to you?

Either this woman has been strong-armed and cowed into following Obama’s way of doing things or she is just not fit to serve as a sitting justice in any court; or perhaps both.

But ever since the arrival of the White House usurper-in-chief, judges who were more than likely among the best have crumbled like a house of cards. The one that most grievously wounds this old Marine is Judge David Carter who was the recipient of the Bronze Star commendation for bravery while a Marine in combat in Vietnam.

Today, in my mind and many other Marines, active duty and past, are happy to label him not only a traitor to his country, but egregiously worse, an EX-Marine; meaning they no longer consider him to be their brother.

Now we have another military judge, Denise Lind mentioned above who will also be persona non-grata with any military personnel who have not succumbed to the wiles and lies of the Obama-nation.

I ask America, can there be just ONE decent, honest, constitutionally loyal, and fearless judge?  Former Judge Roy Moore of Alabama would be in that class, but alas, the liberal USA haters got rid of him some time ago, ignoring his Constitutional rights.

Beware America; our Constitution is under serious attack.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: One Honest and Fearless Judge

  1. To be a judge in most all instances you have to be a lawyer. That throws out honor and honesty.

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