Obama’s August Surprise: Turning AZ and 22 other States over to the UN


After turning NYC over to the Islamists and leftist sympathizers, via endorsing their 9/11 Victory Mosque (any Muslim project called “The Cordoba Initiative” has to be just that), Dictator-in-Chief Obama believes that he has found the way to both destroy opposition to his Orwellian plans for the former United States of America and introduce OUR country’s final demise.

For attempting to do that which the Obama refuses to do (his job under the US Constitution—not George Soros and friends), the tyrant has now turned Arizona and the twenty-two other US States trying to protect their citizens over the patently corrupt (Obama’s kind of organization) United Nations as “human rights violators.”  Now disregarding the US Constitution and US law entirely—and getting away with it—The Obama and his worldwide anti-US Marxist minions have begun to divvy up the booty from that which was once America.  Note:  Despite our protests and marches, Obama believes he silenced We-the-People long ago.  Didn’t Hugo Chavez affect something similar in Venezuela?  But, let’s face the truth, folks.  Even Chavez didn’t try to destroy his OWN country.  But, considering his true birth place, neither did Obama.

In his boldest move yet to destroy OUR country, Dictator-in-Chief Obama has now decided to bring the full force of the world against those who oppose their own slavery at his and his masters’ hands.  And the overseers at the United Nations are applauding The Obama’s move.  As the people of the United States of America are—in greater and greater numbers each and every day—supporting Arizona and other states for working to protect US citizens from the now unstopped marching phalanges of illegal immigrants composed of drug cartel members, Central American gangs, Hezbollah, other middle eastern terrorists and millions of others who sap the resources of sovereign States (entering via our southern border), the tyrant believes he has found a way to stop the States and us.

Now “elevating” himself to the level of an Islamic Mufti, Obama has effectively issued a fatwa against Arizona and every other US State that opposes their own demise.  Obama has issued an, heretofore, unprecedented report to the “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights” (a bad joke considering the organization itself) outlining his carefully crafted and manufactured ‘horrors’ the USA has committed against humans (I suspect that means freedom and liberty are two of them), he has given full sway to the UN to go after any US States that do not comply with the tyrant’s (and soon to be King of the World?) commandments.  Suffice it to say, the UN is more than pleased to do so!

Replete with its proclamations for perversities of all kinds, in order to support any and all fully suppressive and exploitative totalitarian regimes (as long as it gets a substantial piece of the action), the UN is more than willing to go follow The Obama’s “requests.”

This latest perversion of law by The Obama is, yet, another patent treasonous action against the USA.  Each and every day, he is racking up more and more of them.  Then, without a care in the world save how to better give his union thugs and other countries funds stolen from the US taxpayer (where lots of our “stimulus” dollars ended up) and then frivolously wasting and spending what’s left, he and his family are now working to establish the record of “most vacations taken while occupying the US White House—and still being able to destroy the country.”  I suspect that record will never be broken—but, if he isn’t removed, the country will.

In November 2010, if we do not take back at least the House of Representatives we will have no chance—whatsoever—of surviving the beast and its minions.  But, even worse, if we don’t get rid of said beast our destruction is also assured.  If we can rid ourselves of both—and restore our Republic—we must for all time say “Never Again” to tyranny and all would-be tyrants.  We cannot and must not allow this to happen to our country, our loved ones and us even one more time…never.  This time, we must remember.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s August Surprise: Turning AZ and 22 other States over to the UN

  1. Mexico Violence Update for Aug. 27, 2010

    By Steve Cooper
    The Conservative Monster.com

    Let me repeat my prediction…

    There will be UN troops on that Mexican border in the near future. That border is infested with Muslim terrorists and it would not shock me if Venezuelan, Russian and Chinese intelligence are embedded as well. FBI director Mueller even stated that Russians, Chinese and Iranians with links to special forces and intelligence have been caught at that border. He stated this back in 2005-2006.

    “Mexico is the next LEBANON” and remember that I said it, because others will be using that term as well. Do not be distracted by the Muslim terrorists, because they are acting on behalf of Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran.

    Lead investigator in Mexico massacre is missing


    2 cars explode in Mexico where 72 bodies found


    Diplomats in Mexico Told To Leave Kids at Home


    Car bombs explode near Mexico TV station, transit office

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