EPA Considers Ban on Lead Ammo

Fox Nation

Here’s an astounding bit of government overreach:

NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation]  is springing into action, as the public comment period opens on EPA considering a regulation that will ban all traditional lead ammunition. This would basically end the shooting sports as we know it. Remember this is a no-win situation for us, because bullets made of materials other than lead are often considered armor piercing by law. Copper is your basic material, and copper is expensive, and has much poorer performance properties than lead.


Houston Election Headquarters Warehouse Destroyed by Fire, Just Days After Fraud Allegations

Big Government

The Houston voter registrar had a press conference announcing widespread voter fraud and thousands of illegal and phony voter registrations submitted by an ACORN-like organization called “Houston Votes.” Those stories are here and here.

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector [and voter registrar] Leo Vasquez accused the group of submitting thousands of bogus voter registration applications in recent months in what he said appears to be a campaign to taint the voter rolls.

Well this morning Mr. Vasquez’s warehouse containing all of the voting machines, supplies and equipment burned to the ground.

A note of caution: obviously law enforcement officials in Harris County will get to the bottom of this. We are posting this because, for now, Harris County is going to have a mess of an election in November because all of their equipment and supplies have been destroyed.


Turnout Strong as Beck Rallies Americans to Restore ‘Honor’ to the Nation

Fox News

Huge crowds at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” freedom rally — organized to give thanks to U.S. troops — left Washington, D.C., on Saturday night pleased by the theme and the turnout – as thousands in attendance returned home carrying a message of making America better.

The rally — which Beck and other organizers said they they didn’t want labeled as such because they wanted the event to remain non-political — focused on healing the scars that the nation has suffered as a result of its disreputable moments in history.

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Obama’s August Surprise: Turning AZ and 22 other States over to the UN


After turning NYC over to the Islamists and leftist sympathizers, via endorsing their 9/11 Victory Mosque (any Muslim project called “The Cordoba Initiative” has to be just that), Dictator-in-Chief Obama believes that he has found the way to both destroy opposition to his Orwellian plans for the former United States of America and introduce OUR country’s final demise.

For attempting to do that which the Obama refuses to do (his job under the US Constitution—not George Soros and friends), the tyrant has now turned Arizona and the twenty-two other US States trying to protect their citizens over the patently corrupt (Obama’s kind of organization) United Nations as “human rights violators.”  Now disregarding the US Constitution and US law entirely—and getting away with it—The Obama and his worldwide anti-US Marxist minions have begun to divvy up the booty from that which was once America.  Note:  Despite our protests and marches, Obama believes he silenced We-the-People long ago.  Didn’t Hugo Chavez affect something similar in Venezuela?  But, let’s face the truth, folks.  Even Chavez didn’t try to destroy his OWN country.  But, considering his true birth place, neither did Obama.

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Imam Rauf and the State Department:The Truth About our Man in the Middle East

Pajamas Media

On his Pajamas Express blog today, my PJM colleague and friend Michael Ledeen dug up an old article from Imam Rauf, revealing that he not only endorsed the 1979 Iranian revolution creating an Islamic theocratic state, but then turned around and advised President Obama to respect the Iranian regime’s guiding principles.

Writing in Slate, Christopher Hitchens made precisely the same point. “The more one reads through his statements,” Hitchens writes, “the more alarming it gets.” Like Ledeen, he quotes  the same passage written by Rauf in the Huffington Post back in June 2009. Explaining the so called “rule of law” espoused by Rauf, Vilayet-i-faquih, Hitchens writes:

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