Gas Pump Programmed To Say “An American Company. No Terrorist Gas!!!”

Tempers in the country are running hot, so much so that at least one gas station owner has turned the LCD screen on his pumps into a medium of personal expression. In a Consumerist exclusive, one of our readers found a gas pump programmed to say, “AN AMERICAN COMPANY. NO TERRORIST GAS!!!” at his local Valero gas station.

Reached for comment, a Valero spokesman said, “The site in question is not owned or controlled by Valero Energy Corporation. It’s an independently owned store that contracts with Valero to supply it fuel. However, Valero has been in contact with the store’s owner, and we have been notified that the message on the fuel dispensers has been removed.”

“Needless to say,” our reader wrote when he sent the picture in, “I didn’t buy gas here.”