Obama gives your tax dollars to rebuild Muslim mosques around the world

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration will give away nearly $6 million of American tax dollars to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including Islamic mosques and minarets, in 55 nations. See the State Department document here.

This is an outrage! Our country is broke. And can you imagine what the ACLU and others on the secular left would say if these monies had been spent to repair Christian churches? They would be screaming “separation of church and state!” Funding Islam on foreign soil with American taxpayer money? Not a whimper.

The latest taxpayer givaway includes $76,000 for a 16th century mosque in China, $67,000 for a mosque in Pakistan, $77,000 to restore minarets in Nigeria and Mauritania, and $50,000 for an Islamic Monument in India.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. program to restore Islamic and other cultural sites in other countries is taxpayer money well spent.

Take Action

Contact your member of Congress today! Ask your representative to immediately condemn this waste of taxpayer dollars and begin an investigation into why American taxpayers are footing the bill to rebuild Islamic mosques overseas.


Obama’s Islamic Agenda

Right Bias

President Obama has revealed his true nature. After 20 months in the Oval Office, he still remained a largely unknown figure. A picture is coming into focus now, and it should trouble all Americans. It is widely known that Mr. Obama is a post-national progressive. Yet he is also a cultural Muslim who is promoting an anti-American, pro-Islamic agenda. This is the real meaning of his warm – and completely needless – embrace of the Ground Zero Mosque.

At an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan at the White House, Mr. Obama told Muslim-Americans that he supports the building of an Islamic community center and mosque just two blocks away from where the Twin Towers were destroyed and nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001. He later tried to back away from those comments. Mr. Obama said he was defending the right of religious freedom but not the “wisdom” of erecting the mosque.

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U.S. City Under Fire From Mexican Drug Cartels

Judicial Watch

Drug-related violence along the Mexican border has become so serious that bullets from shootouts among rival smugglers have spilled over into a major U.S. city long ranked among the nation’s safest.

In the last few weeks alone, at least eight bullets have fired into El Paso Texas from the crime-infested narcotics hotbed of Ciudad Juarez, according to a national news report that calls the sprawling Mexican city one of the world’s most dangerous places.

The first bullets struck El Paso City Hall and the others hit a public university building and closed a major highway in the west Texas municipality with a population of about 625,000. The gun battles are breaking out everywhere, according to El Paso’s County Sheriff, but there isn’t much to be done since local law enforcement officials are legally forbidden from intervening in another country’s war.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls 60% in US and 9-11 Families Un-American, Again

Scared Monkeys

Why is it that every one has to be tolerant except Liberals and Muslims?

How many times will NYC Mayor call 60% of Americans, including families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 UN-AMERICAN? There are probably more NY’ers than not who wish Bloombergwas “un”employed these days. Simply amazing that these LEFTist tool politicians call others Un-American when they are just expressing their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech. I guess we can now understand why Leftists like Bloomberg are in lockstep with the ridged, without compassion, unbending and unrelenting planners of the Ground Zero mosque, they have all too much in common. But Bloomberg says, the hell with the people and what they say … build it no matter what. What tolerance and compassion for the families and victims of 9-11.

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Afghans to Obama: Great job on those timelines, buddy

Hot Air

When Barack Obama announced timelines for drawing down troop strength in Afghanistan, the administration pretended that the cutoff dates would incentivize the Afghan government to push its reforms and ready its security forces.  Everyone else knew, though, that Obama included them in order to quiet his anti-war base, a strategy that was as ineffective politically as it was obvious.  Unfortunately, that left the Afghans holding the bag, and now they have told the White House that those artificial timelines have the Taliban biding their time rather than surrendering, and that they have “invigorated” the enemy:

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MSNBC Swears to Allah That Obama’s Not A Muslim

Human Events

MSNBC’s Monday programming was dedicated to denouncing Sen. Mitch McConnell’s response to a question about whether Obama is a Muslim.

McConnell said: “We all have to rely on the word of (Barack Obama) — something about as reliable as a credit default swap.”

No, I’m sorry, that’s what The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan said about whether Trig Palin was really Sarah Palin’s child.

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Letterman Knocks Obama For Latest Vacation

Western Journalism

A storm that curtailed outdoor activities for much of President Barack Obama’s vacation was forecast to end Wednesday, but he said he’s been able to fight off cabin fever.

Not only has he been able to sneak in two rounds of golf, but he told reporters Tuesday he’s “doing a lot of reading” at the farm compound he’s rented for the first family. “I’m having a great time,” he said.

The president made the remarks, his first in public since heading out on vacation last week, as he escorted first lady Michelle Obama from the State Road restaurant.

Obama has faced some criticism for his latest vacation, his sixth since taking office. At a time when painful unemployment numbers continue to bear down on the tattered economy, many are frustrated that the nation’s leader is enjoying another luxurious trip. On CBS’ “The Late Show” Tuesday night, David Letterman took a jab at the president, saying: “He’ll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up.”

The couple dined out for the second consecutive night, this time with Washington power broker Vernon Jordan and his wife, Ann, as well as Chicago friends Eric and Cheryl Whitaker. White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett also joined the group.

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