The Sharia Law Victory Mosque Must Go


I’m getting pretty peeved by likes of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Time Magazine, the mainstream media and every other liberal jerk out there claiming the 70% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque are a bunch of ignorant bigots.

They speak to Americans as though we were children and are unable comprehend the difference between the freedom of religion and a $100 million stick in the eye when we see one.

They may be able to lawyer their way around the facts, but most don’t need an Ivy League education to figure out that it’s not mosques in general that Americans have a problem with, but rather a 15-story 9/11 victory monument intended to promote Sharia law that has people up in arms.

There are already two small mosques in the Ground Zero neighborhood that have been in operation for years, and I don’t see anyone demanding they pack up and leave. I also doubt many would be upset if the developers had included a church and synagogue in the structure as well, but they didn’t do that, did they?

It’s the Cordoba House lie perpetrated by Iman Abdul Rauf and his Sharia law cohorts that has people pulling out their hair in disgust. They would have us believe their purpose is to “build bridges” between the faiths, but if that were true, enraging an entire nation doesn’t seem to be a very effective way to go about it.

So if interfaith dialogue isn’t the builders’ true purpose, then what is?

To those who do not work in the mainstream media, the Cordoba House purpose is clear: to capitalize on the deaths of thousands of Americans in order to build a towering monument to Sharia law and Islamic domination of the Western world.

The builders intend to use the facility as a base of operations for the Sharia Index Project, an organization whose political purpose is to replace existing laws around the world with Islamic Sharia tradition. While the developers publicly insist the mosque will be “a place where ideas can be exchanged, but tolerance, mutual respect can also be extended”, there is no possibility of tolerance for people who consider a literal interpretation of the Koran as the ultimate rule of law.

To get a grasp of the medieval philosophy of the Ground Zero mosque builders, consider Rauf’s proposal regarding the appropriate punishment for a Muslim woman caught drinking beer: “A maximum penalty of a RM5,000 fine and six lashes of the rotan… and fasting for six days. Wouldn’t that be more in keeping with the letter and spirit of the Quran?”

Does that sound like the kind of belief system that Americans should be expected to support?

In many Islamic countries the practice of Sharia law makes men the judge, jury and executioners of women. In order for a woman to prosecute a rapist, she needs four male witnesses. Since that pretty much never, ever happens, men have free reign to terrorize women and get away with it. It creates a situation where millions of women are prevented from traveling, working or having any life outside the home for fear of the consequences that could befall them should they be caught out in the open by evil men.

If a husband gets tired of his wife, but doesn’t feel like going through the trouble of a divorce, he can simply claim she committed adultery and have her stoned to death.

There is the widespread killing of homosexuals, cutting off the noses and ears of young girls by their fathers, honor killings and a multitude of other brutal practices that have no place in modern society, all of which are done according to the edicts of Sharia law.

Even in supposedly “progressive” Saudi Arabia where 56% of the college students are female, women make up less than 7% of the workforce. They are also banned from driving, traveling without a male family member’s permission and controlling their own destiny.

Not all Muslims desire for the universal application of Sharia law, in fact I’m willing to bet the vast majority of Islamic women want nothing to do with these barbaric traditions and yearn for a far less literal application of the Koran in daily life. However, it is exactly these perverted values that Rauf and the other Ground Zero mosque developers intend to promote with their 15-story monument to intolerance.

Freedom of religion is one thing, but a gigantic symbol promoting Sharia law and the enslavement of women has no business being built two blocks from Ground Zero, or anywhere else in America for that matter.


One thought on “The Sharia Law Victory Mosque Must Go

  1. I support the building of such a ‘victory monument’ only should it be constructed with a needle sharp point upon which any Muslim entering or living our country must sit for meditation and prayer.

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