Bush was Right about Iraq!


As I watched the last of the U.S. active military force pull out of Iraq on August 19, I could not help but notice the famed “Indianhead” patch that unit was wearing on their uniforms because long, long ago, I wore that patch, the emblem of the Second Infantry Division.

Most people are likely unaware that 30,000 of the Division are in South Korea, some sixty years after the truce was declared, ready to repulse the first wave of attack if North Korea is crazy enough to try again.

Let’s just say it. George W. Bush was right!

He was right to invade Iraq and remove a psychopathic dictator from control of that nation, a man who had spent eight years at war with Iran, who had invaded Kuwait, and who, if the Israelis had not blown up a nuclear reactor being built there, would have had a nuclear weapon with which to threaten the entire region.

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Obama Blames Democrats For Economic Stall

Red State

Andrew Malcolm notes that prior to King Louis Mr. Obama heading off on his ninth vacation he blamed Congressional Democrats for the economic stall.

The jobs bill that is stalled in Congress would completely eliminate taxes on key investments in small businesses. It would allow small business owners to write off more expenses. And it would make it easier for community banks to do more lending to small businesses, while allowing small firms to take out larger SBA loans with fewer fees, which countless entrepreneurs have told me would make a big difference in their companies. I’d also like to point out this legislation is fully paid for and will not add one single dime to our deficit.

Now, he didn’t precisely say Democrats, but we know that is the case. After all, they control both the House and Senate. They’ve been able to pass a stimulus bill, a health care bill, a financial deform bill, and all those other glorious bills the left has demanded.

But they cannot help small businesses, which are the economic engine of this country. Why? Small businesses aren’t unionized, so why bother.


The Point of No Return

National Review Online

The warnings of Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln have never been more relevant.

How did we get to the point where many people feel that the America they have known is being replaced by a very different kind of country, with not only different kinds of policies but also very different values and ways of governing?

Something of this magnitude does not happen all at once or in just one administration in Washington. What we are seeing is the culmination of many trends in many aspects of American life that go back for years.

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One Readers Response to Obama’s Support of Terrorists

Right Side News

Dear Mr. GrandioseBama:

Let me make *this* clear:

I understand you have welcomed and encouraged an Islamic Mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York. Imagine this: Pretend you were born a few years earlier. Pretend you loved Sasha and Malia just as much then as you do now. Imagine you send them to college – pretend they both excel in the world of finance, graduate college with high honors, and take jobs in New York.

twin_towersSay, for example, with the Bank of America located within the Twin Towers. Imagine you get a phone call on a nice Tuesday September morning while you’re laying back on vacation *again* somewhere sipping your coffee, from Sasha crying and screaming in terror, pleading “Daddy, please help us – there’s smoke everywhere….people are screaming….I can’t see…..Daddy, I can’t breathe…..I can’t find Malia……”

Imagine, Barack, that as she’s crying to you over her phone you see a horror in front of you on your TV set like you’ve never seen in your life – American Airlines Flight 11 just plowed through the skyscraper where both your Daughters work – then another jetliner shortly thereafter – the phone goes dead, and you see on the TV screen a surreal video image of what looks like your child who has just leaped 100 stories from the inferno of what is left of the World Trade Center, just as many of our loved ones had, to their deaths if they were not already instantly destroyed by the initial fireball and melting steel from one of the exploding airliners turned missles in the name of Allah .

world-trade-centre-9-11You cannot locate your Wife, friends and coworkers – all the phones and Internet in NY are dead – all bridges are closed – no one can get in or out – the skies have all gone eerily quiet with the exception of an occasional military jet fighter – you pray Malia and Michelle are alive and a spark of hope flickers when you see hundreds of heroic firefighters and policemen on TV rushing to the scene into what’s left of the towers – and right before your very eyes, Barack, you see everything crumble — with EVERYONE inside — to the ground in a puff of surreal smoke, screams and dust in a matter of seconds, leveling them all to nothing but charred ashes and dust.  Your children, our families, our friends and loved ones while the Muslims dance for joy in the streets.
Got Mosque? Karma is our friend and we’re not afraid to use it.


Is he or isn’t he a Muslim?

Socialism is not the Answer

1 Dragon

Over the past few days, the media has been working overtime to cover for Obama.  Well, they do that all the time, but this time they are saying he is not a Muslim. Especially, after his remarks over the Mosque at Ground Zero. Now I’m not a writer, and I don’t play one on TV, but why now? Why is the media so worried about this now? They didn’t seen to worry about this when Obama was traveling in the Middle East bowing to the Saudi King, giving speeches bad mouthing America.  I never heard anything about how Obama calls it the holy Koran, or how the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Sounds like a Muslim to me. Watch the video.

Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders

Fox News

Greek Orthodox leaders trying to rebuild the only church destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks expressed shock this week after learning, via Fox News, that government officials had killed a deal to relocate the church.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, once a tiny, four-story building in the shadows of lower Manhattan, was destroyed in 2001 by one of the falling World Trade Center towers. Nobody from the church was hurt in the attack, but the congregation has, for the past eight years, been trying to rebuild its house of worship.

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