Change Is Here

The American Spectator

A major debate is under way. Is President O more like James Earl Carter or William Jefferson Clinton? Matt Labash’s favorite subject, Roger Stone, makes a picture-perfect case for the former. Greta V.S.’s most valuable guest, Byron York, captures O’s resemblance to the latter. Where do the Solomons of Enemy Central come down? Naturally, on both sides, though in so doing tipping the advantage to Clinton, our founding father of triangulation, forever adopting two ways in order to get away with a third.

So what’s O’s angle? He was for the Mosque before he was against it by being for it. For once there is more hope here than chump change. Until recently, the concern was that should our ruling president’s confreres lose control of the Congress come November, he won’t have the smarts and dexterity of his nineties predecessor to triangulate himself out of the electoral disaster his first two years have wrought. It’s good to know might.

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Lockerbie bomber: still alive, kicking , and being honored on the anniversary of his release

American Thinker

This Friday the Muslim nation of Libya will be reaching out to the west by thanking Allah for the great wisdom and compassion of Gordon Brown and Kenny MacAskill. To mark the first anniversary of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s triumphant return to Libya, Colonal Gaddafi has called for a national day of prayer as part of a low-key celebration. The UK Daily Mail reports.

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