President Obama and family headed back to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation

Boston Globe

The White House today confirmed what many islanders have been anticipating for weeks: The first family will return to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation next month.

President Obama and his family are scheduled to vacation on the island from Aug. 19 to Aug. 29.

The White House did not provide details on the getaway, but the Globe reported earlier this month that a reservation company has been holding rooms across the Vineyard for the contingent of staff who travel with the president.

The family spent its summer vacation last year at the Blue Heron Farm, in the sleepy enclave of Chilmark. The getaway wasn’t all rest and relaxation for the president. During the stay, Obama nominated Ben Bernanke to a second term as Federal Reserve chairman. He also went to Boston to eulogize his friend and former colleague, the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

This year’s Vineyard vacation won’t be the family’s only trip in August. On Thursday, White House officials announced the Obamas would visit Florida’s Gulf Coast during the weekend of Aug. 14, to show support for communities affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil well leak.


4 thoughts on “President Obama and family headed back to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation

  1. I like it when he is on vacation, at least he is out of the way for a while…hell , his whloe term has been a vacation…………….He has already spent enough money to salve the crisis of twenty small nations and New Orleans…..What a useless hunk of nothing.

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