Democrat Jack Conway Uses Racist Tyler Clay Collins to Smear Rand Paul

Red State

Democrat and Jack Conway supporter Tyler Clay Collins went to the Kentucky Fancy Farm Picnic this past weekend (a big deal in Kentucky) and began mouthing off some vile and offensive racist sentiments.

Tyler Clay Collins also held up a sign disparaging immigrants to the country. Tyler Clay Collins wanted everyone to know how much he hates non-white immigrants to the United States. Tyler Clay Collins is a HUGE Jack Conway supporter. Conway is the Democrats’ Senate nominee for Kentucky against Rand Paul.

There’s just one small fact I left out. Tyler Clay Collins, a Democrat supporter of Jack Conway, spent his time mouthing off racist sentiments while pretending to be a support of Rand Paul’s.

But, sadly for Tyler Clay Collins, a number of Democrats and other Jack Conway supporters couldn’t keep a secret and identified Collins as working for or volunteering for the Jack Conway camp.

Conway is now denying Collins is affiliated with the campaign.


2 thoughts on “Democrat Jack Conway Uses Racist Tyler Clay Collins to Smear Rand Paul

  1. This young man made a terrible mistake. I have seen him at several democrat and republican functions in KY. He is not associated with the Conway campaign; however, he is a college kid who got caught up in the drama of fancy farm. Granted, he made a horrible mistake trying to paint Ron Paul as a biggot. The truth is Tyler is not a biggot, but he is reaping what he has sowed with the get up he had on at Fancy Farm. Oh…what it was like to be young and stupid. I just imagine the young man is already paying for his mistake.

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