To This We’ve Come: Obama Does ‘The View’

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

President Ronald Wilson Reagan:

President Barack Hussein Obama:

I guess this proves it. Mr. Obama either can’t or won’t do his job. He would rather fly around the world, read speeches from his teleprompter, play golf or take another vacation. I’m just glad I didn’t vote for him.

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3 thoughts on “To This We’ve Come: Obama Does ‘The View’

  1. Just one more example of how obumma thinks of the country. While we are working our asses off, scrimping and saving, stressed out, trying anything to take care of our families, dealing with the catastrophies of obumma care, extreme deficet spending, attempted muslim takeover of our country, and other important issues, this national jerk-off spends his time spending our tax dollars on concerts, vacations (multiple ones), golf, flights in Air Force One, and his extreme efforts to undermine our country. On top of stylin and profilin on “The View”, a joke of a show if there ever was one. Definetly the example of a President, wouldn’t you say???

  2. I’m very sorry, I made a mistake. I called obumma a national jerk-off. I am wrong. He is, in fact, an INTERNATIONAL JERK-OFF!!

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