Democrats’ Doom Sealed by Arizona Federal Judge

Red County

By now you have heard that Federal District Court (trial court) Judge Susan Bolton, a democrat, has issue a preliminary injunction against key parts of the Arizona law allowing its police to enforce the United States’ illegal alien laws, largely on the federal preemption argument. For a nice summary of what is enjoined and what is not (and there’s a lot that’s not) Click Here. This is subject to change pending trial but I think it’s unlikely to change. Arizona is in the 9th Circuit and those fools will do anything to kiss Obama’s ring, so don’t look for help there. Picking up from some of Rush Limbaugh’s thoughts on this, I actually think this is a huge victory for the Tea Party Movement and absolutely seals the doom of Congressional Democrats in the 2010 elections coming in November. People have wondered if the Right’s rage would abate over the long, hot summer. I never thought it would but this late summer ruling insures the issue of an over-reaching national government, unresponsive to the concerns of the citizens, will remain a red hot issue. Polling proves over and over again this illegal alien issue is a dead bang winner for those opposing the alien invasion.

Here are some interesting random thoughts as to how the rest of this may play out:

1. Since the judge forbids AZ cops from inquiring re immigration status and the feds are ignoring their responsibility in that regard, is Arizona now wide open for invasion? In particular, Muslim terrorists must be dancing in the streets of Mexico City now, their unchallengeable entry point into the the US now having been propped wide open by the Obama administration and this democrat Federal Judge.

2. The judge has issued her ruling, can she enforce it? What if Governor Brewer or even Sheriff Joe Arpaio loudly defies the judge and orders their police to carry out the AZ law? The easy answer is that they will be cited into court to face contempt charges. What if they refuse to go? Will we see armed Federal Marshals facing off against armed local police?

3. What happens if Texas or Utah go ahead and pass the same law now, leading to a revolt by several states against the national authority?

4. Is Harry Reid going to really brag and boast on his campaign about defeating the AZ law? I hope so.

Interesting stuff. Pass the popcorn.


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