In Fawning Obama Interview, ABC Elicits Hot Scoop about… Babysitting?

What’s the matter Barry? Can’t spare a few bucks for your own kids? You should have plenty. After all you’ve been screwing over the people for the past year and a half.  So tell me again how YOU can teach your own kids about earning money the right way, when you can’t.

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Big Journalism

Seriously? Sasha and Malia doing babysitting to earn extra cash and Barack Obama says he is not that far removed from what most Americas are going through? What is this, a Saturday Night Live Skit?

Nope—a morning interview on ABC with consumer reporter Elizabeth Leamy.

During this gem of an interview we learned that Obama is teaching his daughters fiscal responsibility (insert laugh track here) by having them do babysitting jobs (now you’re rolling on the floor, right?)

I’d love to have heard whom the girls are babysitting. Perhaps George Stephanopoulos’ kids need to stop by the White House for a little while and George flips the girls a twenty for keeping an eye on them while he and the president plan their next candid interview. Maybe George Soros has great-grandkids that need tending. I’m seeing $20 million an hour for that job.  Just to help the girls with their depleted college fund. Times are tough out there, you know. Just ask the president.

My favorite question was this one:

Has your own retirement fund taken a hit? Can you feel the pain that other Americans are feeling?

Seriously? You think Obama is feeling financial pain? Obama stuttered his way through an answer that included this gem—“We’re not that far removed from what most Americans are going through,” said Dear Leader.

Hummmmm. Makes me think of the great line from Victor Davis Hanson this past week.

Obama had better get the populist photo ops down a lot better because his calls to soak the rich from the 18th hole of a coastal vacation home look increasingly ridiculous.

The only pain Obama feels right now is when his 4-foot putt for par lips out on the ninth hole at Medina.

As usual, there was little critical thinking in this interview when critical thinking is most needed. This intrusive government takeover of the banking industry was praised by interviewer, interviewee and George (whose kids are probably headed to the White House as we speak) in the studio.

Obama promised that thanks to this bill (of which Liz noted that people really don’t know what’s in it), the federal government will now be looking out for us all. Whew! Thank goodness. I want the government watching out for me and my family with a bill that they really don’t know what it does. Doesn’t that sound a little like that healthcare thing that was passed recently? Wow! I’m feeling more empowered every day! Sounds like babysitting.

Which reminds me—I’m wondering if the girls will do some puppy sitting. I’m going to be out of town next week and we’ve got a little Australian sheep herder pup that needs watching. Times are tough and we can’t afford a kennel. Could you fly that little jet that Bo rode on last week and pick up Bailey the pup? Perhaps this could help the girls with their college fund. Be careful, she’s not house trained.


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