Why Democrats Won’t Run on Jobs Record in November Election

Flopping Aces

Photo op is a reminder that despite continued efforts to point the finger at Republicans, Obama and the Dems are the real job killers!


A picture of Obama’s failed economic policy!

On Monday, Obama trotted out three chronically unemployed persons for yet another political sham show attacking Republicans for their reluctance to extend unemployment benefits past the current 99 weeks unless it is paid for out of the billions of wasteful stimulus spending which hasn’t created jobs. The Republican demand is nothing more than what Obama and the Democrats proclaimed as sound fiscal policy when the benefits were extended last November.

One would think that Obama might be reluctant to stand with long term unemployed and wave his finger at Republicans. After all, he promised that if his $trillion stimulus bill was passed it would “create or save” 3 million jobs. Where are they? He also promised that unemployment would not go above 8% if he got his way. Instead the unemployment rate peaked at over 10% and is currently at 9.5%.

Put aside the finger pointing at Republicans in Obama’s speech and consider this:

OBAMA: “We’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure that we are digging ourselves out of this tough economic hole that we’ve been in.”

Just how did we get into that hole? A picture paints a thousand words and this picture paints many more than that:


Source: Congressional Joint Economic Committee (Republicans)

So Mr. President…. Who was it that got us into this mess? Good luck running on that record of failure and finger pointing this fall. The American people are smarter than you think!


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