Why Obama won’t run for a second term

Great American Journal

Obama has no intention of running for a second term. He already knows that he wouldn’t stand a chance of winning reelection without massive voter fraud. He will be replaced as the Democratic candidate by Hillary Clinton. Should she win, she will be just like Obama. They both belong to the same Marxist Progressive club. Ms. Clinton has already begun her campaign, though by stealth so far.

Obama doesn’t want the job of president, he just likes the feeling of power and the perks. That is why he has over 35 czars to do all of the work while he is out campaigning, partying, vacationing, and golfing. He knows he is destroying the country, for that is his assigned task by the Progressive leadership.

Obama is a career drifter. Four years in one job is almost more than he can stand. He has never stayed in one job for more than two years. He left the Illinois Senate after two years to campaign for the U.S. Senate. He left the U.S. Senate after just 18 months to start campaigning for president. He can’t stand being in the White House for more than a couple of days at a time before he’s off for a $200,000 plane ride at taxpayers’ expense.

He knows he will be thrown overboard as soon as he completes his assigned task of turning the country up-side-down with socialism. That is his primary mission. No question about it, that is why he was selected and groomed for the presidency by the people he really works for. His oath of office was a lie, clear and simple. No wonder Justice Roberts fumbled it. He must have known.

Obama outraged the nation by ordering the Justice Dept. to drop charges against the New Black Panthers, then had the department commit to not prosecute any blacks on voter intimidation charges.

Obama has launched a deliberate attack on the oil industry in his attempt to destroy it, while at the same time, is stabbing Americans in the back with his lawsuit against Arizona.

Obama has taken over private businesses and industries, forced an unwanted government healthcare system on us, destroyed jobs, and intentionally made it nearly impossible for businesses to grow or even stay in business with his taxes and other policies that interfere with the running of a business.

Need I say more? Obama has done everything he can possibly do against the will of the American people. It doesn’t matter to him that his poll numbers are sinking like the Deepwater Horizon into an oily abyss. What matters is that he has the power now and will use it to push the Marxist agenda as far as he can before he too is thrown under the bus.

He has no intention of running for reelection. He has said it himself: he would rather be a one term president and get things done, than be a two term president with no accomplishments. The policies and laws he is putting into place now will last long after he is gone. He, Pelosi, Reid, and their liberal allies in Congress have made sure of that. The Congress we elect in November better have enough backbone to stand up to the Progressive Communists in our government and start the repeal process immediately.


10 thoughts on “Why Obama won’t run for a second term

  1. ” The failure here is the law of Due Process was not upheld by this Whitehouse regardless of who told Sherrod to resign ” !!!!!!!!!!
    The Whitehouse’s duty is to stop any action and let do process take Place under the law and Let the Individual Be Heard , Where is that Representation by this Administration ??????? Is everyone safe in knowing they will be allowed their rights to due Process in America by this Administration ???? We the People deserve to know this Today !!!!!!

  2. I concur with your illuminating assessment of the situation.
    Obama will not run for re-election.
    Will he be convicted of High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Who knows.
    Either way the New World Order boys have big plans for this one.
    Assuming the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t draft him to further their goal of a Global Islamic Caliphate.
    For all we know that is the NWO endgame.
    Happy trails Obama-Piven.
    Give George Soros our best.
    Your investment in Petrobras will see you through.

  3. Good Lord, let’s hope he and his puppet-masters know better than to even attempt a second term! The damage he has done is ALREADY haunting us! Soros needs a new toy, his ObamaBot is broken.

  4. Hillary has been warming up in the bull pen for months. Soros won’t even have to change his speed dial.

  5. Obama will, I think, still have influence. Like the way mob bosses run things from behind bars? Dear me. I do think I just got a tingle down my leg picturing that scenario. The behind bars part.

  6. Maybe he’ll be with his friends at Club Gitmo.

  7. Stranger things have happened. When’s the last time you saw a sitting Congressman with a t-shirt saying, arrest me…not my friends…being cuffed in front of the White House?

    Seems the knot is tightening re: Hawaiian Democratic Party having refused to sign off on his eligibility. Funny, I think they were the only ones who were asked to do so by Madam Speaker.

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