The Stimulus: A Different Story Every Day

American Thinker

A vast majority of people surveyed recently believe that the economy, eighteen months after the Stimulus, is still in a very poor shape. Indeed, with an Unemployment Rate double than before Dems took control of Congress; the private sector economy – according to official BLS data – is losing a net three million jobs since the Stimulus; the Stock Market is in retreat; Home foreclosures expected to surpass the 2009 record, and federal deficits nine times larger than the last Republican deficit (less than $170 billion in FY 2007), few would think that the economy is doing anything but bad.

However, to counter this negative view that Americans have on the economy, Dems have a list of talking-points to prove unemployed and frustrated Americans how wrong they are.

Here are the excuses, depending on the economic news of the day:

First, the economy is still bad because it’s Bush’s fault. Secondly, things are actually getting better, but could have been much worse if not for the stimulus. Third, this economy is booming, as we in fact “created and saved more jobs than originally thought” (as Congressman Eliot Engel of NY – against whom I am working – claimed in a recent Press Release). Besides, if not for Republicans – VP Biden claims – we would have had a larger Stimulus, which would have given us by now a good economy.

I just wonder how Dems shamelessly keep selling these conflicting talking points every other day, thinking that Americans are really THAT stupid! But what else would you expect from a Party who asked for the head of a Congressman – Joe Barton – who in a poor word-choosing suggested that the Rule of Law be followed in times of crisis, just days after one of their own House members was seen physically hitting a teenage boy…


7 thoughts on “The Stimulus: A Different Story Every Day

  1. The 6 Point Plan to Preserving Economic Liberty in the USA
    1 . If you want to preserve Freedom you must understand what threatens it , and wealth creation through capitalist systems are the backbone of individual self preservation and Liberty .

    a Communist is a person who uses a centrist socialist appearance playing the populous against their emotion rather than enacting policy that preserves the individuals economic liberties , to the effects of charlatan or a sensationalist to gain Power over the people controlling their access to resources , like this ;

    Obama to slam GOP on jobless relief
    By: Kendra Marr
    He’ll admonish them in a Rose Garden speech.
    Related Stories:
    – Obama hits GOP over lapsing benefits –

  2. 2 . instead of enacting policies that preserve Individual liberties Obama & Co chooses the ways of deficit spending to circumvent individual Liberty into control through Deficits into the grip of Government by way of Liability placed on we the people .

    this is how they drafted the plan that took liberty away ; The High cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
    By Robert E. Scott,
    February 1, 2000 &

  3. 3 . Its also taken Mexico’s Jobs away over the years too . Europe’s Jobs too , just because of a Simple Currency manipulation thats does nothing to promote quality in our products .

    In the debate over economic capitalism and the sustainability of the system , have you ever heard of ” Gresham’s law of the 14th Century ” , , it is a economic lesson that teaches the concept of different valued currencies trading in the same markets , and how the lower valued if left unchecked or unchallenged in terms of quality value based off human equality benefits mandated by Governments agreeing to the ways of achieving such the lower valued currency drives the higher out of circulation , what a perfect way to claim Capitalism Failed ????

  4. 4 . We Need to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts !!!!!!!!!
    Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse.Today’s corporate profits reflect an income shift into 2010. These profits will tumble next year, preceded most likely by the stock market.

    These Tax cuts need to be extended for continued economic recovery , this had nothing to do with the collapse , it was Big debts that were allowed to build up buy a lack of will by our Government to regulate Lending Practices by the Same ones that padded the Pockets of the regulators .

    We the People need to demand these Tax cuts be extended , and a New tax schedule be designed , like this below , so that we might be able to start to develop new alternative industries and markets .
    Why are we not demanding this type of incentive be put in place to drive supply-side economic fundamentals to feed the demand thats coming like a bullet ?

  5. 5 . here is a product of to much Government … leads to control over freedom and liberty , then the resources man relies on for quality of life become assets of the collective Government and rationed according to bureaucracy , leading to shortages in resource supply

    Stalin’s Incompetence as a charlatan or sensationalist cause was famine because of the fear and paranoia of over population becoming unmanageable , but history only shows that Free Thinking Individuals have been the innovative salvation to creative solutions for long term human needs in abundant forms , the only way for peace ….. and and

  6. 6 . While we Play Populous Politics we are Missing the Window to expand the supply of Vital Resources , and shortage and struggle will be the only outcome !!!!!!
    Take a look at these websites next , it shows that the argument for Supply-Side Tax Cutting Economic Fundamentals for a Robust Economic Recovery is what can be sustained , certainly if we choose the kinds of Alternative industries to innovate and develop .

    Six Reasons Why the Capital Gains Tax Should Be Abolished …

    The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America …

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