Excessive Vacation Binges by Bama: GOOD for America!


Barack Obama’s seventh vacation since seizing office has raised the ire of some Republicans who should know better.

As reported at CNN.com, in part:

“The Republican National Committee launched a website blasting what it considers Obama’s “leisure activities or missteps” during the oil disaster, like playing golf, attending concerts and vacationing in Asheville, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; and now Maine.”

“Presidents are certainly entitled to vacation, just like everybody else, but there is a fine line as to when presidents should do it, what they should and where they should do it,” said Brad Blakeman, a former member of President George W. Bush’s senior staff and the deputy assistant for appointments and scheduling.”

Hold on a minute, fellow patriots!

While it is always a thrill to slam the Bama, this particular zinger seems ill conceived.

Think about it: Given the carnage that has befallen our nation during the first 18 months of the Obama occupation, isn’t America better off when this president is on the golf course, attending love-fests for Paul McCarthy, and otherwise dithering his way to a one-term presidency?

In truth, Obama should be encouraged to take even MORE vacations!

Remember, while this fellow is hiding on Waikiki Beach, he is not signing “stimulus” bills that do not stimulate, or health care fiascoes that make Americans sick, or implementing other anti-American policies from his stupid Marxist agenda.

Bottom Line: Obama on the beach is one hell of a lot better for America than Obama in the Oval Office!


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