3 thoughts on “Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill

  1. The UNIONS Infected the Governments duty to Process with the Jones Act . This is not a BP problem by itself !
    The main claim in this case would be to show the failure of Government because of political infection by allowing union interference in Governments ability to uphold the Constitutional duty and sunset the Jones Act so the best efforts to contain the Oil Spill were made .

    The main claim in this case would be to show the failure of Government because of political infection by allowing union interference in Governments ability to uphold the Constitutional duty to the Citizens and the failure of the Executive Office to know by experience when its duty to Intervene and execute the duty of the office of the president to perform the duty to the states of the republic over the Politics of favoring Unions , in this case Obama failed by lack of executive experience to know that his first responsibility was to Country Not Union in executing the sunset law over the Jones Act , and this has to be brought out .

    Gulf Coast Citizens Class Action civil suit , to include Multiple Environmental Groups , against BP , The UNIONS & US Federal Governments Department of Minerals and Mines & FEMA agency’s Lack of of Leadership on designation of Duty to executing environmental requirements First to make every attempt to secure and contain oil at the earliest moment of time when oil well explosion and release of oil into ocean waters resulted , and instead the US federal Government choose to be Political in its decision making process by first yielding to Union Pressure to NOT by executive order on behave of the Safety and welfare of the Citizens of the Gulf Coast region , sunset the shipping laws that favor Unions that stalled every attempt to put into action immediately the Right equipment and personnel to make every Real Effort to contain and secure the Oil Spill crisis .

    The Spill cleanup could have been Handled Better but Unions and Government Could Not get out of the way of Politics and the result has Been Citizens and Environmental Suffrage as well as Wild Life , all because of Political Dictatorial at a level and time when Politics have no Jurisdiction over Emergency Management policy !!!!!!!

    The Gulf Coast Citizens and the Environmental Organizations need to form a coalition to go after the Unions and the Politicians that put Politics First instead of First Securing and Containing at the very earliest moment the oil spill , and this need to be tried and established a time which shows the courts that in the event that this type of dereliction to duty and failure of leadership to first attempt every single possible effort to securement and containment was not performed , because Political favors towards Unions was the first priority and that Is not the First order of duty by Government in the event of crisis !!!!!!!!!

    American citizens need to set a precedence by bring this case before the courts and try these issues to establish a process that makes sure next time this ever happens or anything of crisis happens that Politics Never get in the way of timely efforts to make the very best effort possible to contain and secure the Environment for the benefit of Eco system and Human need . This article below shows how Politics has stood in the way of Duty to Citizens and Country First and the Citizens and Environment have suffered because of it , This has got to chance ……….FT.com / Companies / Shipping – Unions rebuff call to repeal …Jul 5, 2010 … Unions rebuff call to repeal shipping law … US maritime unions and politicians have rushed to defend strict domestic shipping legislation …

  2. Yeah– What he said!?

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