Obama is trying to surround us with Islam

Northeast Intelligence Network

By Dr. Laurie Roth

We already know that we aren’t fighting a war with Islamic radicals or terrorists anymore.  We are fighting an overseas contingency operation.  Just recently our Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama,  has removed the terms ‘Islamic extremism’ from the main document which describes our national security strategy.  Islamic extremism,  radicalism,  fundamentalism is not to be used with military operations and focus anymore.  After all,  that would be a kind of religious racism wouldn’t it? Obama is aggressively shifting and redirecting how we interact with Islam and Islamic nations.  We have seen Obama scrub honest and real national security and war terms from the book.  He is openly at odds with his new commander in Afghanistan,  General Petraeus, who has coined the Petraeus doctrine,  which defines the enemy as Islamic insurgents,  Islamic extremists,  and Islamic subversives.  He talks of endless connection and support between Muslim support groups and Islamic terrorists.   The obvious rolls on by Obama as usual.

Obama has never been happy with the obvious,  that we are at war with Islamic radicals throughout the world.  So,  beyond changing the names and making everyone in the military,  media and country pretend we aren’t fighting Islam in anyway,  he has done other notable changes.  He has appointed ‘devout Muslims’  to critical Homeland Security positions.  Among this growing list include:  Kareen Shora,  ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and Arif Alikhan,  Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.

Maybe if Obama can change all the honest names of who we are fighting with and appoint ‘devout Muslims’ into critical posts of power for national security he can put Islam and its power where he wants it over the American people.  After all,  it is a Religion of peace.  Don’t the American people realize that yet?

Obama has to do more to manipulate Islam to power and control.  How about turning our historical and leading space program NASA into an Islamic apologist, with the main goal of honoring the scientific achievements and space interests of Islam?  Oh yeah,  he already did that.

Along with all the name changes and appointments,  we see media intimidation,  compromise and controls regarding Obama,  his roots and agenda.   Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and  Judi McLeod, editor of Canada free press,  investigated for over a year intimidation and threats into silence of some anchors and any staff that would have dared cover Obama’s eligibility story.  At least one,  major national host was scared into silence and contacted Hagmann.

Even with the intimidation and threats to media from the Obama administration for those who dare to question the holy one,  is the complicate and shameful sell out of most media itself.  Much of media decided to ignore the sea of compromising voting records,  un-American and dangerous associations,  inconsistent statements and evidence regarding what Obama really believes and operates from.  Our country is paying dearly for that disgraceful sell out today.

Obama’s final strategy to elevate Islam,  the Religion he says he will side with in his own book and own words,  is to demonize,  patronize and minimize Israel,  thus lifting up the threatening Islamic nations and Islamic terrorists surrounding Israel.

We have seen Obama give over a billion dollars to the Islamic serial killers,  Hamas,  who do nothing but attack, murder Israelis and plan more attacks while playing the persecuted victim.  We have seen Obama import Hamas ‘victims’  to the U.S.

Naturally it is not enough to fund the enemy.  Therefore,  Obama has to insult and harass Israel the entire first two years he is in office.  Biden and Hillary had their knickers in a twist when Prime Minister Netanyahu wouldn’t stop building homes on their sovereign land,  per their mandate.

Obama also managed to support the lies and international distortion surrounding the Turkish flotilla incident,  where Israeli commandos were forced to stop ships heading straight for the Gaza.  It didn’t matter that Israel had already warned Turkey not to send any ships to Gaza.  It didn’t matter that over 50 people on terrorist watch lists were found on one of the boats.  It didn’t matter that Israel wasn’t trying or planning to hurt people on the boats but to re route them to another port where they could search them.  Why would the Israelis want to search boats full of aid and help???  Maybe because they had apprehended all kinds of terrorist equipment,  personnel and bombs going to the Gaza before.  Israel ended up being 100% right that this was more of the same.  Obama didn’t care.  He, along with the Islam worshipping,   UN rebuked Israel and demanded investigations….bla bla bla.

OK,  OK,  Islam is a Religion that wants peace.  They just have peppered through their teaching,  preaching, traditions and holy books,  statements of hate for Jews and Christians,  agendas to conquer societies,  import Sharia law and have a world wide caliphate again.  Jihad is really just an internal struggle,  so they say.  Tell that to the thousands who have been murdered at the hands of Islamic radicals here and abroad.

We have seen non stop honor killings, murder of US soldiers by Islamic US soldiers in our country and abroad; near miss plane attacks and car bombing attempts!  9/11 just started a new wave of what we had been experiencing for years.

More in the Religion of peace.  This week 64 people were murdered by Somali Islamists who bombed a ton of people as they watched the World Cup finals in Uganda.

Finally,  is there any question about the loyalties of this President when his attorney General Eric Holder has thrown out the case against the New Black Panther leadership who were caught threatening,  menacing and intimidating voters outside a precinct in 2008.   Most of us have heard the famous words of Malik Zulu Shabazz by now,  screaming his hate for “white crackers” and urging people to murder whites and their babies.  He did this while brandishing a weapon and scaring voters.  What we also must remember that the Black Panthers are historically anti Semitic and pro ‘black Islam.’  Gee,  they hate Jews and love Islam.  Any questions as to why the slam dunk case against  them was thrown out by the Obama administration and Holder?

Reality check

We are in a war with radical Islam,  not all Islamics,  but many.  We have a President who is Muslim and kisses up to Muslim nations.  We have a President who insults and shreds our treasured relationship with Israel.  We have a President who compromises our national security by appointing Muslims to high level, national security positions and lies about who is threatening us and constantly attacking us.


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