Obama, Say It Isn’t So!

President Obama was out and about yesterday and not playing golf.  He was first in Missouri stumping for Carnahan and then on to Nevada (14% unemployment) to stump for his right hand wing nut Harry Reid.  In Missouri, he was touting the benefits of a green truck factory which, by the way, is not hiring, is three times more expensive than your average fossil fuel fueled trucks, and is exhausting the stimulus money (our tax dollars) even as we speak.

President Obama…from your own mouth we get ‘…under crap & trade, electric rates are necessarily going to skyrocket’, so why would anyone in their right mind want to procure anything that is powered by electricity.  Oh yeah, he is also creating about 3,000 jobs total in a couple of states including mine in the manufacture of solar panels.  That’s it!  What will he do when the sun refuses to shine?  That day is in the near future.  Volcanic ash can preclude sun shine and even cool the earth’s temperature which should appeal to ‘global warming’ alarmists even as they blame the volcanic eruptions on former President George Bush.

Obama had a federal appeals court tell him he was full of crap yesterday also in another victory for the working people in America’s gulf states and yet, he vows to keep on destroying America’s oil industry and the jobs that go with it.  One might say, well at least he is working to preserve sea life and the many pleasures we enjoy on our dinner plates.  I would say, without jobs, can you afford that sea food?  Pretty soon, as Obama continues to bust industry after industry and those days of “a days wages for a bushel of wheat’ come upon us, America will wake up but by then it will be too late.

Obama used the 4th of July congressional recess to implant Donald Berwick as his healthcare czar.  Talk about wing nuts, this guy was knighted by the English Queen because he is such a big fan of their healthcare system which has people dying in hospital corridors awaiting someone to help them.  Berwick makes no bones about rationing only that he says rationing must be done with your eyes wide open.  I read that to mean, like Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm’s bioethicist brother) suggests, use an economic model to determine who receives limited healthcare resources and who doesn’t.  If your mom or pop, grandma or grandpa, have outlived their useful existence and no longer contribute to society, Berwick’s system will no longer keep them alive or provide them their hips and knees that may need replacement.  Simple as that.  All Obama has to do now is continue his efforts to destroy the private insurance industry so that those aforementioned grandmas and grandpas are forced into the public option and thereby subject to Berwick’s rules of rationing.

I guess that means Obama has appointed himself God and he thinks he gets to determine who can continue to live and who must die!  Only in his own pea brain is this imaginable…and yet he does.

On a related note, Illinois Gov just gave his staff a 20% pay raise while the Illinois congress was out of session and he also increased state workers pay by 14%, 7% each of the next two years.  This comes at a time when Illinois is second only to New Jersey in unfunded union liabilities.  Why would he do such a thing you ask, and it is because he fully expects, like Schwarzenegger and other liberal governors that Obama will use tax payer money to bail them all out.  Does anyone wonder when taxpayer money (yours and mine) will run out?  You should…it is already gone. 40% of every dollar Obama spends he borrows from his big brother, communist red China who now owns America.

I am a rather slim guy who sported a new belt that broke on me at work yesterday.  Belts used to last me until my wife insisted I throw them old worn out things away.  I checked this belt out and guess what?  Made in China.  I asked my wife to go back to the store to find me one not made in China.  She couldn’t find one and so now I have another one that will last a couple of months, hopefully.

Obama released the 10 Russian spies that were tracked and finally arrested after 10 years in our country.  He sent them home in exchange for 4 people who ought to stay in Russian prisons for violating their laws.  What is it that Obama doesn’t want us to know about them and why is he making friends with the likes of Medvedev and Putin our sworn enemies.  Oh yeah, he befriends all of our enemies because he holds to that old saying, the friends of my enemies (capitalist America), are my friends too.  If you do not believe that simply take a close look at his czars and all those progressives/communists he surrounds himself with.

America be vigilant. Obama is forming his left wing civilian army that he intends to use to beat us down at the polls this November…everyone from big labor unions to the crazies in the New Black Panther Party will be looking for us.  Do not fear these types…the most these can do is kill your body.  Fear rather the Lord, who can destroy your body and your soul.  You all know where this is headed and like our founding fathers, pledge your lives, your resources and your sacred honors to restore America to some semblance of the country those founders established in Judeo-Christian fashion for us.

God bless to all who would wish God’s blessings and to hell with those who could care less….as that is where they are headed.


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