New Black Panther Chairman Malik Shabazz Praises Osama bin Laden has uncovered another rare video of the New Black Panthers Chairman Malik Shabazz  from a closed door meeting, this time the footage shows him praising Osama bin Laden just 6 months after the September 11 terrorist attacks on March 22, 2002.

Shabazz stated he has to “give his respect” because “he’s bringing reform to the world”. He also believes that the attacks were an inside job, saying he doesn’t know if he can trust that bin Laden was the mastermind, because the government “knows how to fix up the videos.” He has a long and storied history of blaming everything on Jewish people–claiming there was Jewish involvement in the attacks.

At one point, Shabazz told the audience to “give him a hand” and those in attendance began to clap and cheer. He also tells the other panthers that mathematically, bin Laden is their friend because he got Bush and Rumsfeld, “shakin and quakin.” He finishes by saying his name will go down in history because he won’t die a “punk” or a “sissy.”

I’m sure if Osama bin Laden knew Chairman Shabazz the feeling would be reciprocated.



6 thoughts on “New Black Panther Chairman Malik Shabazz Praises Osama bin Laden

  1. Obama must agree with Shabazz to give him a free pass. They must of known about him. If he trys the same thing in November in Philly there might be some deer hunters with their 30-06’s to deal with them.

  2. Got to have these dirt bags running around. Put them in the same group as the rag heads, J.C.

  3. Somebody please give me 5 minutes alone with this asshole– PLEASE!!!

  4. After hearing comments that a certain “Black Panther” hates whites (PLEASE, listen) I have fears about my own doctors. I have two doctors that I have always respected (and in cases, defended b/c of their race) and now feel like I must be a fool to think s/he could care less about my health (b/c of your “speaker”). You see, I have always judged my doctors on the content of their character rather than on the color of his/her skin. Yes, I am “white & s/he is black”. I have ultimately lived to revolve around truly “empathizing” with another; regardless of wealth, race, religion, sex, sexuality, disability, etc., or any combination of the above. I HAVE lost my OWN blood/inheritance in “battle” over my convictions!!! I happen to be an only child/grandchild & while MY convictions differ from those of a particular family member’s it has made not only my life but my Granny’s life havoc as well. YOU tell me, am I doing this for naught? While I by NO means share the same ideals as Mr. Rush Limbaugh AM I TOO just a “cracker” giving business to the African American population (his statement per the late Mr. George Steinbrenner, II)???
    So, as I hear propaganda going beyond Louis Farrakhan (he has always scared he but I NEVER thought his message of hate would spread as did Adolf Hitler’s) it hits me that perhaps there could be a much larger movement against “whites” than I ever fathomed. You see, I do not want to believe that such ignorance exists but when such hatred is being spread (yes sir, black against white IS still HATE) it appalls me!!! This will ONLY spread MORE hate and resentment on either/both side/s. Have YOU learned NOTHING from the past? Can NONE of us be the “bigger person” and move on, albeit “better ourselves” for all of mankind? Do YOU/YOUR “movement” NOT believe in “manKIND”?
    I suppose at this point it isn’t just a black vs. white issue but a Christian/Jewish vs. Muslim issue as well… Still, are you going to allow such “generalizations” to continue… Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you were the one to BREAK the barrier…
    So, SHOULD I get a “white” doctor Mr. Shabazz? Can I NOT trust that my black doctors will treat me as equals? CAN YOU guarantee me this??? PROVE me WRONG at this point; all supreme that you think you are. I WILL quit my doctors if you cannot prove me wrong…
    It is SUCH a shame that you cannot “think outside the box” as MLK did. Do you actually think that hatred is the best thing? I firmly believe that the man who stated “kill whites…kill white babies” is sick in the head. Yet, YOU didn’t do ANYTHING to make anyone believe that your “love” for all mankind is pure/real… You, my “human associate” are NO better than a slave keeper! For you seem to rate a human life by its race/religion rather than by its good deeds/worth. I sincerely hope that not only MLK but Malcolm X as well, look down upon you with judgment (along with God/Allah)!!!

    • Thank you for your comments. I have to say that before the 2008 election I was called a racist because I didn’t like Obama. It had nothing to do with the color of his skin but it did have to do with his politics. It also has to do with the fact that he is hiding something. Why else would he have his past sealed by Ex Order? But I also happen to like Alan Keyes, so how does that make me a racist? I have black friends that I discuss politics with and they know how I feel about Obama, they don’t call me a racist. Blacks like Shabazz need only to look into a mirror to see a true racist.

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