Uncovering the Obama Conspiracies

Canada Free Press

Our worst suspicions about Barack Obama are coming true. He is not a centrist as he claimed to be. He is a leftist, and he is destroying our way of life. Obama could be perpetrating the greatest fraud in American history. He could be an illegitimate president, and one who intentionally seeks to undermine our country. By the time the truth comes out, the damage to may be irreparable.

Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to power has been truly remarkable. He served a mere 143 days in the U.S. Senate prior to forming an exploratory committee for his presidential candidacy in 2007. He has risen from obscurity to celebrity status in a very short time.

With the multitude of mysteries that surround him, it is a wonder why there has not been the interest in investigating his personal history and nefarious connections at, say, a fraction of the interest of what followed John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The decades of controversy that followed the JFK assassination amounted to nothing more than a misfit named Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone to kill the president. That’s it. There was nothing more to it. No grassy knoll snipers, no mob connection, no Castro connection, no KGB connection, no CIA connection, nothing.

In the end, the investigations into the conspiracies about the JFK assassination were much ado about nothing. The Warren Commission had it right from the beginning. With the multitude of conspiracies pertaining to Obama, however, it is more aptly described as nothing ado about much. Where is Oliver Stone when you need him?

Is Barack Obama some sort of 21st Century Manchurian Candidate writ large? What do we really know about him? Let us start at the beginning.

The Early Years

Barack Obama is alleged to be born in both Hawaii and Kenya. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a student attending the University of Hawaii when she met Barack Obama, Sr., a foreign student from Kenya, in 1960. Obama’s mother and father were married on February 2, 1961. She would later learn that the father was already married, and they separated in 1963.

Barack Obama claims to be born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii as a natural born citizen and is therefore eligible to be president. His grandmother, Sarah Obama, says she witnessed his birth in Kenya. Even if this is not true, his father was a British citizen making his son a dual, or “naturalized” citizen. The U.S. Constitution reads that a presidential candidate must be “a natural born,” not just a “naturalized” citizen. The Certificate of Live Birth Obama released appears to have been photoshopped,  and nonetheless is not an official birth certificate.

In 1967, Anna married Lolo Soetoro, a Malaysian oilman, and moved from Hawaii to Indonesia. Young Obama was enrolled in preschool in Jakarta under the name “Barry Soetoro” and was registered as a citizen of Indonesia and his religion as Islam. Obama’s stepfather was a Muslim, and Indonesia law requires all children to be citizens (or renounce prior citizenship) to attend school. Obama’s mother Anna left him and he never saw her again after 1979.

From 1970 to 1979, Obama attended a private school in Hawaii. During these years, Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, his grandfather’s friend. Davis has even been rumored to be Obama’s father. Davis wrote for the Honolulu Record (a Communist newspaper) and was a member of the Communist Party USA.
In 1979, Obama was admitted to Occidental College in Los Angeles, most likely as a foreign exchange student. By this time, he was already moving down the path to becoming a socialist activist. At Occidental, he was a member of the radical socialist organization Students for Economic Democracy until he transferred to Columbia University in 1981.

There are many unanswered questions about the Obama’s early years. Diana West and John L. Work compiled a list of undisclosed documents on Obama’s background that we, as an open society, have a right to know about the man who currently occupies the White House.

1) The original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate.
2) Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) — not found, not released
3) Obama’s baptism records — sealed
4) Obama’s adoption records — sealed
5) Records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as US citizens on return from Indonesia — not found, not released
6) Name change (Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama) records — not found, not released
7) Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) — not released
Punahou School financial aid or school records — not released
9) Occidental College financial aid records — not released. (These records were, however, subpoenaed but Obama lawyers succeeded in quashing the subpoena in court. No other Occidental records have been released.)
10) Columbia College records — not released
11) Columbia senior thesis — not released
12) Harvard Law School records (not mentioned below, but not released)
13) Obama’s law client list — sealed
14) Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator — sealed
15) Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association — sealed
16) Obama’s medical records — not released
17) Obama’s passport records — not released

And I will add two more . . .

18) Obama’s 1979 Selective Service Registration.
19) Obama’s true Social Security Number. He is alleged to have more than one.

The Road to the Presidency

In 1983, Obama moved to Chicago where he became Director of the Developing Communities Project where he honed his community organizing skills. In the mid-1980s, Obama was the attorney for ACORN and was a trainer at their annual conferences.

Obama first met William Ayers in 1988. Soon afterwards, Obama returns east to attend Harvard Law School. A wealthy Saudi prince is rumored to have funded his tuition. Obama then became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. For such an ordinary writer, this is amazing too. Other than an unremarkable article published in the Columbia student newspaper, we don’t find anything he has written up to this time, including in the Harvard Law Review.

Obama returned to Chicago to intern at a law firm in 1989 where he met Michelle Robinson. Following graduation, he and Michelle were married in 1992 by Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the Trinity United Church of Christ.

In 1995, Dreams from My Father was published. Jack Cashill has analyzed the writing style of the book and concluded that it is remarkably similar to other books written by William Ayers. Apparently, Ayers made the effort to ghostwrite the book in 1995 because he and his contacts already had Obama on the fast track to run for high office, and through him advance their radical agenda.

And where else would that be possible but in the machine politics of Chicago? Obama and Ayers served alongside each other on a $100 million education foundation called the “Chicago Annenberg Challenge” from 1995 to 2000. When Obama launched his political career in 1995, the setting for his first fundraiser was the Chicago apartment of Ayers. Obama was the winning candidate for the Illinois 13th District in 1996.

In 2004, Obama ran for and won the U.S. Senate seat for Illinois after his GOP opponent was exposed in a sex scandal. On February 10, 2007, the young Senator announced his presidential candidacy. Senator Obama voted the liberal line on 65 of 66 key votes and he was ranked as “the most liberal Senator of 2007” by the National Journal.

Obama lived by the Alinsky rule that said radicals should cut their hair and put on suits so as not to scare off the middle class. This approach served Obama well through the 2008 “Change We Can Believe In” campaign. And during that campaign, he took down the Clinton machine, which in itself was no small feat. A messianic quality soon surrounded Obama as a fawning media gushed over the spectacle of the first black man seriously contending for the presidency.

As a citizen of the world and a candidate for the presidency, Obama gave a landmark speech in Berlin where he promised to not leave “our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands.” Even by Obama’s inflated rhetorical standards, this was over the top.

Six weeks before the election, the subprime mortgage crisis forced Lehman Brothers into bankruptcy, and the stock market subsequently lost 25% of its value over the next month. It has never been determined whether Obama’s backers, such as George Soros, were complicit in the market crash in 2008. But it all fits together so nicely by their profiting while short selling the market and panicking the public to the point that they would consider an unknown leftist Senator for the highest office in the land. The crash essentially handed the presidency to Barack Obama.

The Unfolding Truth

Imagine if it were ever proven that Obama is ineligible to be president. A Constitutional crisis would surely erupt. The validity of every law and Executive Order signed while Obama was acting as president could be invalidated.

Every day we witness another assault by Team Obama to alter our country and grow a culture of dependency. From coercing corporations into adopting progressive policies, to politicizing the census, to seeking to make millions of illegal aliens into voting citizens, to establishing an Internet Kill Switch, to abolishing talk radio, to Cap and Trade, to ObamaCare, the list goes on. The implications of these schemes are grave for freedom loving people everywhere. In Obama’s Alinksyite world, the end always justifies the means. It just comes with an alibi and a smile.

Obama’s runaway spending and anti-business policies could be to purposely driving the nation into bankruptcy. The U.S. economy is already staggering under a mountain of debt and unfunded liabilities. Could Obama’s end game be to sabotage the U.S. and world economies in order to collapse them and create the New World Order that progressives have long sought? We may soon find out. There is already talk of a single world currency as the value of the dollar erodes.

In summary, Barack Obama played down his radical past to appear moderate. Everything the man stands for and has ever done, however, is some deception or lie. He promised to transform our nation with a fresh start. In the time since we have known this man, however, it is clear that his only answer to anything is more government control. He will say or pretend anything to advance that goal.

The president and his socialist brethren are intent on undermining our allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. In 2008, the people were duped into voting for a con man for their president. Now, our very way of life is at risk and the time to correct this deception grows short. We need to expose the truth behind the Obama Administration and its backers before it is too late.


8 thoughts on “Uncovering the Obama Conspiracies

  1. That’s a great find Terry, and absolutely an incredible amount of work by the author, thanks J.C.

  2. Most of that info was out there before he was elected. The lamestream media was complicent in him getting elected. I don’t think a white Democrat could of won the Democratic primary with a history like Obama’s. Cetainly a Repub would of been savaged by the media.

    • You and I both know the info was out there and the media covered it up but Barry did the same thing that Hugo Chavez did to get elected. If you remember, John Edwards tried to run and they said he had no experence, Barry had even less and won. We both know why, but now so many people realize the mistake they made.

      • I see plenty of libs with their minds closed to anything but he is great. It is like a religion, no matter what he does or what you show them they try to blame Bush still or get angry and insist he is the messiah.

      • Trust me. I have it on very good authority that he is not the messiah, but I also know the type of Libs you are referring to.

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