Afghan Military Deserters in the U.S.

Northeast Intelligence Network

30 June 2010: Earlier this month, it was revealed that 17 Afghan soldiers under training at the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base  deserted over the past few years and are missing in the U.S.  A nationwide

alert was issued by NCIS in Dallas, Texas on 9 June 2010, providing the names and photographs of each of the foreign nationals who had “gone missing.”  Since the issuance of that bulletin and despite the reports that seven of the missing men have been found, the names and photographs of all 17 continue to be  distributed in law enforcement venues.

The media initially reported on this breach of security, however has since downplayed the dangers posed by these men. Absent of additional information by the military and absent of their photographs, the major media seems to have quietly moved on. It is important to note that each of these men have been issued “CAC” cards that give them the ability to enter DOD installations.

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press secured the photographs of all 17 men without regard to the allegations that several have been captured. If any of these men are sighted or encountered, you are urged to report the incident to your local law enforcement immediately.

Ahad ABDULAHAD (DOB 5/5/1984)

Obaiddullah ABRAHIMY (DOB: 8/1/1979)

Sardar Mohd AHMADI (DOB: 5/5/1978)

Khan Padshah AMIRI (DOB: 4/1/1978)

Abdul Ghani BARAKZAI (DOB: 8/8/1977)

Mohamed Fahim FAQIER (DOB: 6/1/1987)

Atiqullah HABIBI (DOB: 6/2/1982 -or- 7/2/1982)

Sayed Qadir Shah HABIBY

Sayed Nasir HASHIMI

Javed Aryan a/k/a Aryan Javed (DOB: 1/1/1987)

Shawali KAKAR (DOB: 12/31/1979)

Mohd Ali KARAMI (DOB: 9/3/1982)

Barsat Noorani (DOB: 6/3/1981)

Mirwais Qassmi (DOB: 4/24/1974)

Ahmad Samir SAMAR (DOB: 5/2/1983)

Aminullah SANGARWAL (DOB: 8/27/1982)

Mohammad Nasim Fateh ZADA (DOB: 12/4/1966)


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