Islam Is Not A Religion, Islam Is A Cult

Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult. For anyone to think otherwise, they are not familiar with Islam or cults. There is a big difference between religions and cults. The basic difference is freedom. You are free to practice a religion if you choose. Free to go to church. Free not to go. This is not the case with Islam. This is because those who do not practice Islam in Islamic countries are put to death. There is a great deal of pressure to practice Islam in western countries as well.

A cult isolates you from others. One of the first things a cult leader does is to get the cult members away from those who do not share beliefs of the cult. Cult members are often driven away from family members. The purpose is to make the cult member more dependent on the cult. This is how Islam works.  Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult. Islam teaches that those who do not follow Islam are enemies. Muslims are discouraged from socializing with those of other faiths. The Koran states that those who do not follow Islam are enemies and should be driven off. Violence is even advocated for non believers. This is another example of why Islam is not a religion. Islam is a cult.

Another aspect about cults is that they get followers to do things that disturb others to force their cult on others. Most cult members are brainwashed so that they are totally under control by the cult. This is the reason why so many Muslims are willing to strap on a suicide vest and blow themselves up to take out as many non believers as possible. Regular religions do not advocate this type of violence or behavior. While a religion may ask that you give yourself to God, they do not ask that you do so wearing a suicide vest while killing innocent people. Or learn to fly a plane into buildings so that you can take out as many innocent lives as possible. No religion in the world advocates violence in the way that Islam does.

Those who defend Islam and make comparisons to Christianity, namely the Crusades, do not realize that during the Crusades, that happened many centuries ago, it was convert or die. Again, this did not happen a few years ago, but in a time when people also killed the infirm and used leeches as a form of medicine. And people were given a choice to convert. This is not the case with Islam. You do not have a choice. Suicide bombers and terrorists kill all targets without issuing a choice of conversion. Even their own.  Islam requires total and unquestioning devotion to the cult, to the point where women and children are encouraged to die as martyrs and kill innocents. Islam is a cult.

It is hard to realize that Islam is not a religion because for years, we were told it was. An offshoot of Judaism and Christianity with all three religions being closely related. But as Islam has grown, its true colors have come out.  Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult.

4 thoughts on “Islam Is Not A Religion, Islam Is A Cult

  1. Remove the Evil from this World and the World will then be Peaceful.

    • It’s a nice thought, but it will never happen. What is evil is not evil to others. I do consider Islam evil, in fact it is beyond evil, but there are those who are so brain dead that they don’t know that Arizona is next to Mexico.

  2. Excellent, my friend, going with it on the site then to face book, H/T2U

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