The Democrat’s Sinister Plan to Retain Power

Canada Free Press

First of all I spent 9 years in Navy Intelligence,  gathering information, connecting the dots, and predicting the next moves by the enemy.

This Administration has been shredding the Constitution since day one, and has accumulated more power to the Executive branch than any time in the history of our Country.

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Obama and Holder: YOU have NO standing to ask any questions!

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No matter the political agenda of any American citizen, one reality should send shivers down every American’s spine. The Obama regime has made it known that according to their form of “justice,” NO soldier or citizen has “legal standing” to question anything about Obama, his eligibility, his many corrupt friends, his anti-American policies or his full-court press to destroy all things American.

Barack Hussein Obama remains a complete mystery. His birth, college, travel, passport records and entire personal history remain under lock and key unlike any president before him. His policies have proven destructive to the US economy and US sovereignty and security as well as both states’ and individual rights.

The Obama regime is operating like a pure dictatorship at odds with the vast majority of American citizens.  Regardless  of which peaceful course of redress the people attempt, they have repeatedly been informed that they have “NO STANDING” to ask any questions.

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