Obama & Co steps up USA Destruction before November Elections

Canada Free Press

The BP oil disaster was custom-made for The Obama.  It’s a disaster that not only destroys jobs and the lives of the affected humans but, is killing off all wildlife it touches.  The effective oil-skimmer systems utilized by the Saudis and others would work to greatly minimize the damage being caused to the US Gulf Coast.  But, The Obama continues to drag his heels as States and lives are destroyed.

Note: Obama, of course, remains aloof and untouched and continues to refuse all offers of help—only those that truly WILL help—as he smilingly watches and fiddles like Nero while the destruction and death continue.  In fact, it is now apparent that destruction and death follow virtually all of Obama’s actions.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Obama is doing the bare minimum so that destruction will be at an all-time maximum—in order to shove his Cap & Trade bill

Pretending that he is constrained by the “Jones Act,” Obama is doing the bare minimum so that destruction will be at an all-time maximum—in order to shove his Cap & Trade bill (which will complete our destruction) down our throats.  Note:  The Jones Act has been waived by real US presidents, in the past.  And while We-the-People are mesmerized by this purely wicked occurrence, he and his Marxist-Maoist Congressional Democrats keep on pushing feverishly to steal even more assets and instill even more power and control from and over us.

The latest Obama and Democrat power grabs include but, are not limited to, assigning the EPA power to regulate carbon emissions (in case the dictator’s Cap & Trade doesn’t clear the US Senate), control over all of the US’ financial institutions (a bill in which control over US citizens’ bank accounts is also included), control over all students applying for educational aid (who will get financial aid who will not and what they will be taught), of course ObamaCare (passed against the will of a vast majority of the American people), “stimulus” bills that have destroyed middle-class jobs and stimulated ONLY the wealthy ruling elite and political class etc. etc. etc.

Now, however, we have the increasingly insane and unquenchably greedy Marxist Democrat Congress pushing for a bill that will—literally—destroy the US Military.  The Democrat Congress is now openly and with no more hidden cunning and deceitfulness telling the American people and the world that it is going to gut virtually ALL of US defenses—by $1Trillon.  We already know what they will do with the money—OUR money.  You will find it in the Democrat and Marxist Congressional power brokers‘ bank accounts, their masters and the Democrat-Marxists’ war chests.

Barney Frank, The Sustainable Defense Task Force

On Friday 11 June, Rep. Barney Franks’ (D-MA) chosen panel, “The Sustainable Defense Task Force“, recommended virtually doing away with any viable US Military at all to the tune of defunding it by $1TRILLION!  Suffice it to say, San-Fran Nan Pelosi (D-CA) and the other now-openly Communist Congressional members think it’s a great idea.  The patently demented Franks’ plan includes reducing virtually every defense measure the USA possesses, including gutting our nuclear arsenal, number of ships in our Naval fleet, lowering our soldiers’ pay, reducing recruitment etc.  The list goes on and on.  Our Executive and Legislative branch “Masters” are now in full-force feudal-Lord mode.  We, of course, comprise the Serf-class who work for them.  We must stop them now.

Is another march on Washington D.C. indicated, with this one even larger and louder than the last?  We don’t want to give The Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief any additional ammunition to enact Martial Law.  But, folks, we must do something active…now!  The Republicans MUST filibuster, if at all possible, every power grabbing and revenue depleting bill proposed by the Marxist Dems from now until we can install a new US Congress.  Everyone needs to call their Congressional Representatives and Senators and tell them NO MORE TYRANNY.  That is, unless they really want a real second American Revolution.

Remember, even with the refurbished and newly staffed FEMA camps, there are still vastly more of us than there are “them.”  We want a peaceful revolution.  But, We-the-People have just about been pushed too far.


One thought on “Obama & Co steps up USA Destruction before November Elections

  1. Be nice to defeat this Communist coup without firing a shot! Hope we can do that this November!
    VOTE! American!

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