Obama Pledges New Aid for Palestinians

WASHINGTON — President Obama promised a $400 million aid package for the West Bank and Gaza on Wednesday, as the United States scrambled to come up with a way out of the stalemate in the Middle East exacerbated by the Gaza flotilla incident last week.

Mr. Obama, meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House, said that the money would go to housing and schools. White House officials said that the money also would help increase access to drinking water and to help address health and infrastructure needs.

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The real “Ass” Obama should be kicking

Canada Free Press

The real “#####” Obama should be kicking is the icon for his Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party beast of burden is foundering under the Obama administration’s heavy burden of an impending $19 trillion debt by 2015, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, a 50-day-old oil spill in the Gulf that’s still leaking thousands of gallons a day, almost 10% unemployment with no end in sight, over three and a half million jobs lost since Obama took office, over a trillion dollars in stimulus spending that still hasn’t worked, a Southern border leaking illegal aliens like a sieve, the worst economy since Jimmy Carter, a health care bill nobody wanted with estimated cost overruns already in the billions – possibly trillions, allegations of political bribery pay-offs and cover-ups, all topped by a weak and dangerous foreign policy.

And that’s just what’s in the left saddlebag.

If Obama is truly looking for some ##### to kick, he doesn’t have to look any further than his own pathetic and incompetent Democrat ##### to start kicking.

Maybe he can use a pair of those Texas cowboy boots he inherited from “W” – I hear they’re great for “##### kickin.”


Can Black Americans Afford Obama?

Human Events

My March 2008 column “Is Obama Ready for America?” started out: “Some pundits ask whether America is ready for Obama. The much more important question is whether Obama is ready for America and even more important is whether black people can afford Obama.” Let’s look at this.

In 1947, Jackie Robinson, in signing a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers, broke the color bar in Major League Baseball. In 1950, three blacks broke the color bar in the National Basketball Association (NBA): Earl Lloyd (Washington Capitals), Chuck Cooper (Boston Celtics) and Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton (New York Knicks). Their highly successful performances opened the way for other blacks to follow — peaking at 27 percent in Major League Baseball and 80 percent in the NBA.

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The man who blames Bush for everything urges grads…not to blame others

American Thinker

Incredible.  Barack Obama has done it again, turned the office of the presidency into a forum for lies.

Monday, speaking to high school graduates, The Finger Pointer-in-Chief dropped jaws across the nation, claiming the high road with regard to excuse-making.

To wit :

“My second piece of advice-don’t make excuses.  Take responsibility not just for your successes, take responsibility when you fall short, as well.  The truth is, no matter how hard you work, you won’t necessarily ace every class or succeed in every job.  There will be times when you screw up, when you hurt people you love, when you stray from your most deeply held values.

“And when that happens, it’s the easiest thing in the world to start looking around for someone to blame.  Your professor was too hard, your boss was a jerk, the coach was playing favorites…. It’s an easy habit to get into.  You see it every day in Washington, folks calling each other names, making all kinds of accusations.  Everyone’s always pointing the finger at someone else.”

True, very true; but who sets the bar?  Who’s the Chief Pointer?  As always, it takes one to know one, and this is the “pot calling the kettle black.”  Funny how a record-sealer knows about grades.  These students’ marks will be seen by employers, if in fact they seek work.

The president, meanwhile, is the poster boy of hypocrisy.  The deficit?  Bush.  Foreclosures?  “Fat bankers.”  The Gulf leak?  Big oil.

Everyone but Obama bears the cross for his “vision,” but the truth is: he’s hurting these grads.  Obama, they’ll learn, talks a good game, but it’s a game without joy.  Debt defines the next chapter of their lives, and for this end there is no excuse.