The Light is ON America, is anyone Home?

Socialism is not the Answer

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I was talking to my good friend Bill the other night and the subject of Mr. Obama came up. Have you noticed that everything Hugo Chavez has done, Mr. Obama wants to do too? After Chavez gained power, he shut down the media that reported any negative news on him. Mr. Obama has been trying to control the media since before the election. Chavez took over the oil companies in Venezuela and I was reading yesterday that Mr. Obama wants to Nationalize the Oil Companies here in America because of what happened in the Gulf. Anyone else see the connection? Most people I talk to cannot wait for the November election. I just hope we make it. People seem to forget quickly. I know exactly where I was and how I felt on 9/11 and the days after. Now I read stories about a Mosque being built on or near the the World Trade Center. What next, Obama and bin Laden having dinner together at the White House?

2 thoughts on “The Light is ON America, is anyone Home?

  1. That is uncanny, Barry and Usama look like father and son! Just picture a towel and beard on Barry!

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