Bonehead Of The Day

Canada Free Press

Yes, the President of the United States really believes ‘ordinary people‘ are that stupid, will take his word at face value, and have no need to read between his lines.

President Barack Obama says the addition of 431,000 new jobs in May shows “the economy is getting stronger by the day.” A burst of census hiring lifted payrolls last month, and the unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent.

431,000 new jobs were added in May, and roughly 90% of those paychecks will be paid by us.

Temporary census jobs accounted for 411,000 of the May increase in payrolls, leaving the ex-census figure at 20,000. The decrease in joblessness last month reflected a 322,000 drop in the labor force as Americans grew discouraged over hiring prospects.

Maybe private sector fear of what else the Obama administration will force them to pay for is the real reason they are hesitant to hire, and only a bonehead would think this ‘economy is getting stronger by the day’


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