Tropical Storm Agatha blows a hole in Guatemala City

guatemala city sinkholeGuardian

A sinkhole that swallowed a three-storey building in Guatemala City has been blamed on a combination of Tropical Storm Agatha and poor drainage systems Photograph: Luis Echeverria/AP

Tropical Storm Agatha swept across Central America yesterday, bringing torrential rain that killed more than 100 people and opened a 60m-deep sinkhole in Guatemala City which reportedly swallowed up a three-storey building.

The first named storm of the 2010 Pacific season dumped more than a metre of rain in parts of Guatemala, also hitting El Salvador and Honduras. At least 113 people were reported killed, with around 50 missing in Guatemala alone as rescue workers searched through the rubble.

The 30m-diameter sinkhole opened up in a northern district of Guatemala City, with residents blaming the rains and substandard drainage systems. Local reports said one man was killed when the building was swallowed. In 2007, three people died when a similar sinkhole appeared in the same area.

Guatemala was the worst affected country, with a confirmed death toll of 92, although that is likely to rise when rescuers reach remote villages. Almost 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Nine people were confirmed killed in El Salvador and 12 in Honduras.

“I’ve got no one to help me. I watched the water take everything,” Carlota Ramos told Reuters outside her mud-swamped brick house in Amatitlan, a town near the Guatemalan capital.


4 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Agatha blows a hole in Guatemala City

  1. Looks like they got hit with a energy beam! Somebody testing a new satellite weapon and it went off on the wrong coordinates? They shut down the new super collider could it have caused this? The hole is ROUND! The concrete around the hole is Round also. If the ground had simply fallen away under the road the concrete road would still extend over at least part of the hole, it’s cut exactly like the hole. Something CUT this hole. What is the black area at the bottom of the hole. Get a camera crew down that hole stat. Stranger than fiction! Everything today is stranger than fiction. WHY?

    • I don’t make this stuff up, but your comment makes since. How can a Tropical Storm create a hole that perfect in the ground and not destroy any buildings around it?

  2. Terry,
    You and I have seen more than our share of sink holes. Somthin aint kosher here.

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