Open your eyes and Take a Look

Guest Author: David Moore
As I look around at this country and watch what is going on, I can’t help but have many questions. I remember our last few presidents and the general attitude of the country at those times. So much has changed in so little time, and I really do not understand how we, the American people could have let it happen. With Reagan, we were strong and prosperous. As a country we cared little about how the rest of the world looked or felt about us. We were ready and able to defend this great nation, and our allies, at any cost. We brought down Communism and The Wall. We secured relations with other countries, all while making sure we were secure and working toward prosperity. We were strong and proud.
This continued through the next couple of administrations, but in the background a beast was emerging. The politicians were getting to comfortable with their positions, forgetting to serve the people. We became very comfortable with allowing these individuals to run the country. There was the struggle between political parties as usual,but by and large the Government continued on a path of individual first and country second. Eventually they began getting called on this attitude, and by the time the last Bush was in office, it was practically a war in Congress. It seemed that everytime the President tried to do something, the Politicians just tied it up. Then the first part of the beast emerged. We all saw the Twin Towers fall, the planes crash into the Pentagon and into the ground, and shortly thereafter all found out who and why.
We all came together, as a country, and focused on a beast that threatened our lives. Indeed this beast was after our way of life, our lands, our very lives. We all stood together as a country and vowed to make sure this beast was conquered, no matter the cost. We would not allow any threat to our way of life, our very existence. We knew it would be a long road,but also knew that the loss of life had to have justice. The mass murder of so many innocent Americans could not go unanswered. The massive deliberate attack on our liberty, our freedom, our very rights to live and conduct our lives had to be defended. We banded together to fight this beast with everything we had, at least for a little while.
While this was going on, a second beast was emerging. This would be worse than the first, just alot more devious and quiet. It started with wispers, then got worse. The country wanted change. There were some who felt that the mission for justice was taking to long. Besides, it wasn’t anyone they knew that died from the beast, so the mission should stop. The country wasn’t doing so well, so things need to change. We need someone who will change it the way we want it. The politicians have messed everything up,and we want new ones for the job. The side that is in control just doesn’t get us, so let’s go to the other side. Then he appeared. The beast. He was from the other side. He was a smooth talker. He said all the right things. He would provide all of the change we wanted, and then some. All we have to do is vote for him. That’s exactly what happened.This is where my questions start.
As in any election there is lots of political hoopla, but in this election it overshadowed the warning signs. Why didn’t this Presidents past- his birth- education-religious beliefs- raise enough red flags? His experience alone, his resume, should have been enough of a sign that maybe this isn’t a good idea. Why wasn’t his Senate voting record used to show where he stands on issues? What about his personal affiliations? Terrorists, Government haters, anarchists, political radicals all. This basic criterea has been a basis for potential candidates for just about the entire existence of our country. So why was it all abandoned? Did the mainstream media really have that much influence over us? Have we really gotten to the point that we no longer think for ourselves? Apparently that is exacty what this beast thinks. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he is continuing on that thought process in everything that he is doing. So now the question becomes what do we do. The answer is not that hard. Just think back to 9/11.
We came together against a threat to our lands, liberty, and lives. We vowed together as a country to not stop until we won. It’s time to do it again, just on our own soil. Obama has begun to shred our most important declaration of the American way of life, The Constitution. He feels that we are to stupid to take care of things, that his ways and ideas overwrite the founding principals of this country. We should bow down and follow him to the ends of the Earth, or the end of this nation. He is eliminating our freedoms one by one, building up a debt that will never be paid, taxing us beyond reason, alienating our best allies, apologizing for our way of life, weakening our national defenses, and turning our country ever so slowly over to Muslim rule. It is time to go after this beast with the same dedication and focus that we started after the last one with. This time we need to stay focused and see it through. We need to take back our country, our lands, liberties, and our lives. We need new leadership, but this time we need to use much more discretion, and much less media. It’s time to take a stand for our country. If you doubt any of this, take a good look around, and ask a few questions. The answers may surprise you.

4 thoughts on “Open your eyes and Take a Look

  1. You type the truth, but unless we get our military to help, I can’t see what we can do! “They” own the courts, the House & Senate, and all the MSM! All we have is this forum. We know the truth but how will we educate the rest of America before it is too late. Even Fox news will not take um on head to head because for some reason they are afraid. Watch the talking heads at a hand picked press conference, you can see they are afraid to ask the real questions. We need our military to take charge and allow a cooling down period. They have sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies both foreign and domestic. This Communist coup is both! We need a honest Judge and a few good Generals and Admirals. We could lose 223 years of Greatness! We changed the World and we can not let the New World Order change this Republic. The FREE World still need the Old America.

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