Inexperienced Community Organizer Nominates Inexperienced Non-Judge to SCOTUS!

Capitol Hill Coffee House

President Obama

has decided that inexperience is a virtue when it comes to filling positions of great public trust. Apparently buoyed by his own “success” in spite of no prior experience or achievement, the president enthusiastically advanced the name of Non-judge Elena Kagan to take a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court


As reported, in part, at
“President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court Monday – calling her a legal trailblazer who would embody “that same excellence, independence, integrity and passion for the law” as the man she would replace, retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.”
Pity poor John Paul Stevens. The man has been on the U.S. Supreme Court for 35 years and in the legal profession all of his life.
Now at age 92, in appreciation for his lifetime of dedicated service, he is replaced by a non-judge in order to establish a meaningless trifecta of femininity!
Even a liberal deserves better!

From the same politico reference, the story continues:

“Obama said the court with Kagan on it will be more representative of the country – and it would have for the first time three female justices, if Kagan is confirmed.”
Tsk, tsk, Mr. President.
Nominations to the Supreme Court should be based on experience and wisdom as a judge, rather than some gooey-eyed, leftist notion about racial, gender, and sexual orientation quotas.
This is NOT about running Friday night bingo at church, Mr. President! This is the highest legal authority in the land—forget quotas and nominate someone who will be the most qualified for the position!
Otherwise, there will eventually be pressure from “disenfranchised” Hispanics, jaded by the fact that there are no illegal immigrants on the bench, although there are as many as 38 million illegal aliens squatting here.
What does it matter that there are no illegal aliens with the requisite legal education and English skills? They number in the millions—what else matters?
What about ex-felons? Who knows more about the law and possesses greater first-hand experience than ex-felons?
There are millions of such “underrepresented” victims living in the shadows, including lord knows how many serving in your Czar sub-government in the White House!
Why are ex-felons not represented on the bench, sir?
This line of logic can easily be extended to pedophiles, Catholic priests, computer hackers, Ipod sales professionals, sleeper cell suicide bombers, La Raza activists, and one of your favorite victim-groups, Special Olympics athletes.
None of the aforementioned is effectively represented on the bench, notwithstanding Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation in 2009.
Our great nation is occupied by millions of dunderheads, drug addicts, common criminals, and just plain average people, none of whom deserve specific representation on the Supreme Court.


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