About that birth certificate (which Obama refuses to produce)

One of the most ingenious things the Obama campaign did in 2008 was to nullify all questions about why he refused to produce his birth certificate, by stoking the “birther” conspiracy that he was not born in the United States and, thus, painting anyone who talked about his birth certificate as insane.

It’s classic magic trick distraction.

Whenever anyone questions why the current President of the United States refuses to release his original birth certificate, his followers immediately launch into an Alinsky-based attack on the person who brought the matter up — attacking that person as a “birther”.

This is a remarkably effective trick, because no one ever sees the REAL reason he does not want his birth certificate released. The “birther” screaming and yelling keeps attention focused away from what his original birth certificate would reveal about his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

In 1961, when Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, his father would have most likely be listed as “Arab”, not black, on his birth certificate. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was only 1/4 black, and identified himself as a Kenyan Arab. According to how the British would have recorded him in their documents back then, BHO Sr. would have been “Arab”.

Furthermore, if Hawaii’s birth certificates in 1961 were like our own birth certificates from Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York in the 1970s, then Obama’s official and original birth certificate would have been handwritten, with the religion of his parents recorded under their names. That’s what all of our birth certificates say, anyway. ”Catholic” is listed under most of our mothers’ and fathers’ names, with “Baptist” and “Episcopalian” on two of those slots.

We’ve always believed the reason Obama does not produce his birth certificate is because his father is listed as “Arab” and “Muslim” on that form, which is what he would have been recorded as in 1961 in Hawaii.

That cuts against the narrative that Obama rode to the White House, which he affirmed in his 2010 census — which is that he is black. This is how he has chosen to self-identify, and it’s the tool he used to advance himself so fast through the Democrat Party. He even had William Ayers write two books all about his racial grievances.

None of that flies if the public sees that his father was an “Arab” “Muslim”, as recorded on that birth certificate.

The public would have a very bad reaction to this, and would look upon the Lightbringer as a fraud and liar.

The whole White House of cards would collapse. Re-election 2012 would be a non-starter.

Hence, the White House and every Democrat in office is doing everything it can to make sure Obama’s original birth certificate never sees the light of day.

We believe if efforts in Arizona, Georgia, and Oklahoma succeed and they, and other states, pass legislation requiring presidential candidates to produce their original birth certificates to appear on the 2012 ballot, there will be some sort of fire or other accident at the Hall of Records in Honolulu. Expect a discovery relative to that which announces Obama’s original birth certificate, on file in Hawaii, was destroyed in that fire or other mysterious accident (beneficial to the White House). Because Obama moved around so much as a child, and because his mother and grandmother are now dead, the White House will announce they are unable to locate his familial copies of his original birth certificate. Thus, the recently computer generated “Certificate of Live Birth” produced by Obama will be the only document available for public inspection.

Obama’s narrative depends on his father being a black atheist from Kenya…a “goat herder”.

The reason the birth certificate will never see the light of day is because it reveals his father to be an “Arab” “Muslim”, and damn proud of it.

What’s happened here is that Obama promoted a lie about who his father really was — and he did this to get elected to high office. Now in that office, he needs to do everything possible to protect and eternally perpetuate that lie, lest he lose it all.

And the main strategy for protecting the lie is to demonize anyone asking questions about it — which is the Alinsky Method. Attack anyone asking where the birth certificate is and why it won’t be produced, call them “birthers”, and paint them as crazy…so that no one ever stops to look at the REAL reason the White House won’t produce a simple document and end all controversy.

Because they do not want you to see that Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was an “Arab” “Muslim”, according to that document.


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