Cap-and-Trade Treason

Capitol Hill Coffee House

If you thought that the way the Obama administration and its cohort of Democrats in Congress rammed through the takeover of the nation’s healthcare system was appalling, prepare to watch the same process applied to Cap-and-Trade. Your government no longer represents you, the voter, the citizen.

Cap-and-Trade (H.R. 2454) allegedly is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but there is no scientific justification for this because there is no “global warming” that requires it, nor is manmade, anthropogenic, generation of carbon dioxide (CO2) a threat to the planet. Just the opposite, everything dies without it; all vegetation and all animal life. Life on Earth would thrive if there was even more CO2.
To what end would Congress impose such emission limits when they do not exist throughout China, India, third world “developing” nations, and are being abandoned by European Union nations where the Kyoto Protocol limits have harmed their economies?
Global warming has been exposed as a massive hoax and fraud. Why would the United States Senate proceed to enact a bill based on it? In essence, it will make some corporations, utilities, and people very rich and impoverish the rest of us.
Having passed the House, on Monday, April 26, the Senate will be handed a huge bill that, like healthcare, few will have read before they vote. It will impose the largest tax the nation has ever seen.
The act will bless the various “exchanges” created for the sale and trade of “carbon credits” that have no value whatever. It creates a bubble comparable to the sub-prime mortgage debacle that triggered the 2008 financial crisis and resulting recession.
The amount of CO2 will not be reduced because the Earth produces 97% of all the CO2 in the atmosphere. Even then, that amount is the smallest part of the atmosphere that consists of more than 95 percent water vapor!
Cap-and-Trade is an act of betrayal because it will destroy the U.S. economy, destroy jobs, and further impoverish Americans in a variety of ways.
The Cap-and-Trade Act that has already passed the House will be put in play by Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman. It was created in the House by Rep. Henry Waxman and Rep. Edward Markey. They know the bill will set in motion the destruction of the nation whose life’s blood is affordable and abundant energy use.
Just as the Obama administration moved swiftly to acquire ownership of General Motors and Chrysler, to take over insurance giant AIG, control one sixth of the nation’s economy through the healthcare act, and is now seeking to expand the regulation of Wall Street, Cap-and-Trade will ensure the destruction of the nation as manufacturing flees to other parts of the world.
Beginning one year after enactment, homeowners will not be able to sell their homes without complying with onerous and unnecessary energy and water “efficiency” standards. These standards, moreover, will increase annually. Within five years, 90 percent of the residential market will be controlled by the government.
On April 19, the Environmental Protection Agency announced new guidelines for “Energy Star” homes requiring them to increase “efficiency” by 20 percent more than those built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. Home ownership, already the largest expense for Americans, will be further increased by required upgrades.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, in a few years the average cost of energy use to every family of four will be $6,800 per year. No one will be exempt from energy taxes and you can expect the cost of a gallon of gasoline to rise beyond $4 to European levels.
In Europe, industrial carbon quotas have enriched the continent’s biggest energy users such as steel and cement makers. Their surplus carbon permits, often provided for free, are estimated to be worth more than $4 billion at current market rates by 2012. There is no scientific justification for them.
It will be the U.S. government that will determine who receives the initial free “carbon credits”, thus giving corporations that have supported Cap-and-Trade a huge advantage over those who do not. Not only will the government rake in billions from the taxes to be imposed, but utilities will raise their prices and pass it along to consumers.
There is no need whatever to reduce use of so-called “fossil fuels.” There is no need for the “efficiency” and “conservation” measures that will be imposed. If the government would permit access to the nation’s vast reserves of coal, oil and natural gas, none of this would be needed, but it will not.
The nation is under attack from within by a consortium of fanatical environmentalists and rent-seeking corporations and utilities seeking to profit from these government mandates and limits.
It is the perfect storm. It is treason.


Obama administration continues its war on free enterprise

American Thinker
Early last year, I penned a column “Inmates in Charge of the Asylum ” that sketched out a program that Barack Obama and his allies on the left would undertake to choke off free enterprise in America. That prediction was not prescient. After all, anyone who took off their rose-colored glasses and looked beyond the media cheerleaders for Obama saw the man for what he was: an ideologue who saw capitalism as the enemy (not, say, Iran, Russia, Hugo Chavez, Islamic terrorism) and had disdain towards America.

We now see a raft of taxes that will hit small business very hard: increased taxes on income, capital gains, interest income; new taxes imposed on small businesses to pay for ObamaCare with deficits that will lead to a regime of higher taxes for everyone; estate taxes that will make it tougher to keep small businesses in tact when owners die and want to pass them on to their children.

One could go on and on.

Often the most pernicious “taxes” are camouflaged as something else (this is an administration that relies on the thesaurus to turn this reign into one long 1984): fees, regulations, fines, mandates.

A lot of this job killing will take place under the radar screen through executive orders, interpretation of existing rules that stretch credulity; personnel choices (think Van Jones); and stepping up the enforcement brigades (such as the many thousands of IRS agents that are being hired to be “Big Brothers,” monitoring our tax returns to ensure ObamaCare tax hikes are imposed).

The latest: a drive to re-categorize independent contractors as employees.

For decades the IRS has played a game of find-the-freelancer at businesses where independent contractors remain on the payroll for months or even years. Companies, especially small ones, increasingly rely on such workers because they offer greater flexibility-and because they’re cheaper. Employers can save as much as 30% on wages by avoiding payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, and benefits they provide regular employees.

Now both the IRS and state agencies across the country are redoubling efforts to uncover long-term “temps.” In February the IRS launched a three-year program that will examine 6,000 companies to find permanent workers misclassified as freelancers in violation of the Tax Code. President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget includes funding for 100 additional federal staffers to pursue such cases, and it would repeal a 32-year-old rule allowing companies in industries ranging from construction to health care to legally classify long-term employees as independent contractors….

Most of the IRS action on independent-contractor violations will target small businesses and the self-employed, the General Accountability Office reports. Over the past decade the average size of small businesses has fallen, an indication that they’re using more free­lancers….

When small companies are scrutinized by the IRS or other agencies, they have a hard time mounting a challenge to any penalties they might face.

Big Brother is watching you and will bully small businesses to fess up and pay up. Even if small businesses have a legitimate claim that workers are independent contractors, will they spend money on lawyers to defend themselves against Big Bully?

But the true costs will be less flexibility for small business to expand: to take risks , say, in entering a new field or venture that they might explore by hiring freelancers. Now they will face increased risks of the IRS coming down on them like a sledgehammer. One option just might make existing workers work harder; another might be to just hire overseas workers (made so much easier thanks to the internet superhighway and the Freidman “Flat World”); another might just be not take risks.

The unmentioned benefit to the government confiscators: as independent contractors are re-classified, the number of “employees” of a business increases. Once the level hits 50, all the rules , fines, regulations, and mandates involved in ObamaCare kick in-and deliver to small business owners some additional quick kicks.

At a time when incentives and tax breaks should be used to spur job growth , the administration seems focused on strangling small business-the job growth engine of America.

This assault on free enterprise will not end well for Democrats (as Democratic campaign strategist Doug Schoen warns today in the Washington Post ). ..or for our nation.


Where in the world is Tony Rezko?

Washington Examiner

Why is Antoin “Tony” Rezko under lock and key at an undisclosed location, like some sort of CIA-renditioned al Qaeda operative? And why hasn’t he been sentenced yet?

As the June 3 corruption trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for allegedly trying to sell Obama’s former Illinois Senate seat approaches, the whereabouts of the former Blago and Obama fundraiser is literally a state secret.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Rezko was moved from Chicago’s downtown Metropolitan Correctional Center on December 16th, even though it’s right across the street from the federal courthouse where Blago will be tried.

Rezko’s not listed on the federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator, either.

“Nobody knows where he is,” a source in Chicago told The Examiner.

The other big question: Why hasn’t Rezko been sentenced yet? It’s been almost two years since the Chicago restaurant and real estate developer was convicted on bribery, fraud and money laundering charges.

After months of unexplained delays, Rezko’s January 6th sentencing date was canceled again – this time indefinitely – by U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve, a former Whitewater prosecutor. Reporters were initially told that Rezko was cooperating with prosecutors, but he apparently stopped talking and demanded to be sentenced as soon as possible. That request was obviously denied.

Randall Samborn, spokesman for Fitzgerald, told The Examiner that Rezko “remains in federal custody,” although admitting that he didn’t know exactly where the convicted businessman was being held. Samborn also confirmed that “there is no sentencing date,” but would not elaborate. Sources in Chicago tell us that the long delay is “very unusual.”

A call to defense attorney William Ziegelmueller was not returned.

Is Rezko being held at another prison facility for his own safety? There are plenty of people in Chicago and Washington who might not want Rezko on the witness stand. They include:

Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias.

Rezko was such an enthusiastic customer of Giannoulias’ failing Broadway Bank that he wrote $450,000 in bad checks against his account to pay off gambling debts.

Alderman Eddie Burke

Rezko hired Burke’s law firm to get a 77 percent reduction in the real estate taxes of a 62-acre property along the Chicago River he planned to develop using $140 million in city subsidies. After assuring the Chicago Board of Ethics that he would abstain from any Council votes on Rezko’s project, Burke voted for it anyway, blaming his conflict of interest on “an error.” The project was later abandoned.

President Barack Obama

Rezko was the president’s “real estate fairy,” as one Chicago columnist likes to put it. Remember how they bought a house together in Chicago? Rezko was one of Obama’s earliest and biggest fundraisers and donors. Obama was one of his go-to guys for housing legislation in the Illinois state Senate.

If I were Tony Rezko, I’d be hiding, too.

Papering Barry

Canada Free Press

Note to Obamabots: JB Williams is a full-blooded American. In point of fact, you can file him under genus: American Patriot.

When Google News ran JB’s DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office on its front page yesterday, Canada Free Press (CFP) was hit by 20,000 visitors within the first five minutes.

Hundreds of letters started pouring in using the Obamabot’s favourite one line message: “Idiot!”  Being familiar with the term it was the only word they spelled correctly.

For anyone who may have been thinking that the Obamabots returned to the local pool halls after the election of their Messiah, Google proves that they are alive and seething.

Many letters accused JB of being a “dirty Canuck”.  Interesting how they bandy the word “racist” about, but feel it’s okay to smear those they disagree with as a “dirty Canuck”.

“Don’t come here, Canada, you’re not welcome!” was the theme of their collective message.

JB, of course, is American and has the birth certificate to prove it.  It is CFP who is the “dirty “Canuck”.

Reading all of the letters from these courageous Obamabots, like their master hiding their identities, in this case behind GMail, hotmail and Yahoo accounts,  made me stop and think about the Big O’s missing education records.

You see, it’s not the controversy of his BC that troubles me, it’s that all of the straw man’s papers are locked away from public view.

Knowing he wasn’t born in a manger is about all we know for sure about the president of the most powerful nation on earth.

For all we know,  little Barry Soetoro may have failed kindergarten.

Since Obama’s arrival to the Oval Office, documents don’t seem to matter anymore.  Plebes (unless illegal aliens) have to show their driver’s license when stopped by police.  No one but terrorists fly anywhere without a valid passport.  Countless Americans are now further identified by being put on a variety of government lists that track dissenters as though dissent is now an indictable crime.

Would you let a stranger enter your door?  You (Obamabots) let one into your White House!

We seem to be moving into a world where documents don’t matter. The pretend world of Hollywood and Reality TV have become reality.

Did the brief stint Obama performed as an interpreter for the CIA in Afghanistan decades later enable him to a brand new identity in the Witness Protection Program ripoff of all time?

Back in that era it was the Ahmad Masoud-led Northern Alliance and not the Taliban who put the run to the most dreaded army on earth, the Red Russian Army.  The Taliban back then were the warlords.  It would be a stretch to think that Barry Soetoro would get to do active duty with the courageous Northern Alliance.  Who, then, was he fighting for?  Is it a Freudian slip that Soetoro-cum-Obama pronounces “Taliban as “Tal-ee-ban”?

With the CIA in there, we’ll never really know.

But one thing we do know is that once we start accepting the missing identity of the President of the United States of America, how long is it before we let through charlatans in medicine and the military?

With no onus on proof, anybody can be anybody they want to be.

If I were going to recreate my identify, I’d try for Einstein.  How about you?

Perhaps the Obamabots and FoxNews, which goes so far to promote the smearing those still asking the questions about who Obama really is,  should be rebranding them as “Documentarists” rather than “Birthers”.

Getting rid of documents is a convenient agenda in the first-the-pond-tomorrow-the-word Power Game.

Only in America can a man who doesn’t exist grow up to be President.

Meanwhile, the latest attack of the Obamabots on the incomparable JB Williams and CFP only gave us more traffic.

Thanks, guys!