There He Gropes Again

The American Spectator

WASHINGTON — Not so long ago there arose on the American political scene something called, the Angry Left. It was an indignant group of ritualistic liberals whose appearance the mainstream media apprised us augured well for Democratic victory in 2008, and so it did. The Angry Left turned out the vote for the Prophet Obama. At the time, do you recall any public figure on the right stepping forward and warning against possible violence from the indignados of the Angry Left? Did, say, the Hon. Newt Gingrich step forward at a conservative forum, say the Heritage Foundation, and remind his fellow Americans of the bombings of government buildings, the burning of university libraries, the robbing of banks by angry leftists in years gone by? I cannot recall any such warnings from any conservative eminence.

It is not as though such lawlessness is unknown in American history. Politically motivated bombings, burnings, and bank robberies actually have been committed in America by leftists. Some of those leftists are still with us, for instance, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn who were fugitives from justice for such antics and went on to become friends of the present president of the United States. In fact, lawlessness on the left is still being committed, for instance at universities where speakers who offend the left — the Angry Left or simply the Fastidious Left — are regularly shouted down or barred from scheduled appearances as Ann Coulter recenly was, at least, in Canada. Yet Newt has remained mum about the danger posed by the Angry Left, and it is not easy for Newt to remain mum.

Now just the other day, ex-President Bill Clinton — some of us still call him The Groper — rose up at the Center for American Progress, and drew parallels between the Tea Partiers (call them the Caffeinated Right) and the homicidal maniacs who participated in the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds more. Clinton’s charge was typically duplicitous. “This Tea Party movement can be a healthy thing if they’re making us justify every penny of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spend,” Clinton opined. “But when you get mad, sometimes you wind up producing exactly the reverse result of what you say you are for,” said the president famous for among other things his temper tantrums. He also said, “Before the [Oklahoma] bombing occurred, there was a sort of fever in America,” which I guess depends on the meaning of the word fever. I recall no fever, but then I was not impeached for lying and obstruction of justice.

A longstanding conceit of American liberals has been to lecture conservatives on how to conduct themselves. They are famous for telling us what we can and cannot say. They tell us we cannot call them socialists even when they take over industries and transform the federal budget into a simulacrum of European social democracy. Yet they can call us racists and enemies of the poor when we advance alternatives to such failed policies as affirmative action or welfare. In fact, much of the liberals’ stance toward conservatives in our ongoing dialogue with them is an insult. The most recent politician to dabble in race-baiting was not a conservative but Bill Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

What Clinton depicts as a precursor to more bombings modeled on the vile Oklahoma City bombing is nothing more than a civic upheaval inspired by American constitutional liberties. The Tea Partiers are no cause for alarm. For Clinton to suggest that these generally peaceful and good natured libertarians are opening the door to domestic terror is Clinton at his reckless worst. In doing so he has given would-be bombers cover for their evil acts. If more bombings of federal buildings follow, we can thank Clinton for his speech of encouragement. Ironically federal investigators looking for the perpetrators might begin their investigations with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. No Tea Partier I know has their record of violence.


Obama’s Tangled Web

Big Government

by Monica Crowley

Today is Earth Day, so if you haven’t already, sprawl yourself on the ground 
and give Mother Earth a great big hug.  The president and vice president 
decided to mark Earth Day by hightailing it to New York City.  I know: New 
York City isn’t exactly the most logical place to spend Earth Day: acres of 
earth are paved over and under for high rises, streets, and subways.  But 
Earth Day wasn’t the reason they trekked to the Big Apple.  They had another 
reason.  Obama was in Manhattan to deliver a sanctimonious dressing-down of 
Wall Street.    (Biden just came to sit for a hard-hitting interview with 
the ladies of “The View.”)


At the same time Obama was blistering the big banks, we learn that the head 
of the Biggest, Meanest, Greediest Bank, Goldman Sachs, has been to the 
White House at least 4 times for meetings with Obama and his chief economic 
adviser, Larry Summers—WHILE Goldman’s lawyers were negotiating with the 
SEC over civil fraud charges against Goldman.

Now THAT’S weird!  The president who pledged to bring a new kind of politics 
to Washington, stripped of conflicts of interest and lobbying and big money 
and special favors seemingly engaged in all of those things?  At once?!

Say it ain’t so!  Of course, it’s so.  In the immortal words of Obama’s 
former pastor, Jeremiah Wright: “No messiah here, just another politician.”

Obama was on Wall Street today, acting the hypocrite. He went on about the 
damage done by the big banks while he and his White House are up to their 
eyeballs in the big banks.  They love them well enough to take—and 
keep—their money.  They love them well enough to schmooze with their 
Chairmen.  They love them well enough to court their votes.

But in public, they wield the plastic pitchforks in a faux populist kabuki 
dance.  Obama has turned his campaign tagline—”hope and change”—into a 
punchline.  The only problem is that no one is laughing.

To quote Sir Walter Scott:  “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we 
practice to deceive.”


Treason from the Times

Breitbart’s BigJournalism: SOS – RED ALERT – New York Times About to Put American Troops in Deadly Peril

I have just received word that the New York Times is preparing to go public with a list of names of Americans covertly working in Afghanistan providing force protection for our troops, as well as the rest of our Coalition Forces. If theTimes actually sees this through, the red ink they are drowning in will be nothing compared to the blood their entire organization will be covered with. Make no mistake, the Times is about to cause casualty rates in Afghanistan to skyrocket. Each and every American should be outraged.

This piece, by thriller author and all-around plugged-in individual Brad Thor, is making its rounds around the Internet and has been since yesterday.  Still, I wanted to do my part and spread the word.

Read the entire piece.  What the New York Times is planning to do is absolutely unconscionable.  It’s treasonous.  And, in the midst of it all, the same people who had their proverbial panties in a twist after Valerie Plame was outed as a CIA agent (never mind that she had previously told kids in the neighborhood!) don’t seem to care that Americans will die because the Times will be outing a number of intelligence officials.

Read Thor’s piece.  This one isn’t a Scot Harvath novel.  This is real.  Pass it along.


Blacks, the Media & the Tea Parties

Family Security Matters

Lloyd Marcus

I am exhausted. I returned home after performing at tea parties in 42 cities from Searchlight, Nevada to Washington D.C. in 19 days while on Tea Party Express III tour. I’m black conservative singer/songwriter, entertainer, author and spokesperson Lloyd Marcus.
I wish to share with you how the liberal mainstream media has dealt with my participation on the Tea Party Express III tour.
Liberal mainstream media all but call me an Uncle Tom. Their reports imply that I am a token black too stupid to realize I am being used by the tea party movement. In typical liberal mainstream media arrogance, they are totally blind to the blatant racism of their reporting.
Because I do not fit the liberal mainstream media’s “all blacks must vote liberal and believe America is racist and unjust” template, I must be an idiot. As a matter of fact, because I am a black man who loves his country and proclaims America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it, much of liberal media considers me dangerous and even wishes me harm.
The liberal mainstream media is relentless in their quest to portray the tea party patriots as racist. And yet, I have performed my song, “American Tea Party Anthem” at over 150 tea parties, been treated like a rock star and have even seen signs which read, “Lloyd Marcus for President!” Not one tea party attendee has ever called me the N-word.
Meanwhile, a Google search

will reveal numerous liberal websites and blogs which freely and excessively call me an f-ing stupid N-word. The reason for their over-the-top anger and outrage against me, I express love for my country and refuse to be a hyphenated American.

The same liberals who accuse white conservatives of being mean-spirited, racist and intolerant are the hate-filled black and white liberals who use the N-word every other word when writing about me and have even threaten me with physical harm.
After my performance

at a tea party in Traverse City, Michigan, a white reporter approached me for an interview. The mostly white upbeat audience loved me and my patriotic performance. Smiles were everywhere. With a stone face, the snooty female reporter asked me a series of annoying questions straight out of the liberal play book.

But, what really got my blood boiling was when she asked me the following question with the trademark liberal condescending edge: “Mr. Marcus don’t you think by calling yourself an unhyphenated American you are encouraging white people to feel comfortable with their racism?”
I wanted to say, “Lady, what the heck are you talking about? You are obviously one miserable, bitter and unhappy human being. Get away from me.” Instead, I replied, “With all due respect, I strongly disagree.” I turned and walked away from her abruptly ending the interview.
Perhaps, I should have stayed and argued my point of view with her. But, I have lost patience with arrogant liberal reporters who think they are so much smarter than we are. This negative-spirited reporter had decided the spin of her story before interviewing me. My answers to her questions would not have made a difference.
At our Tea Party Express III tour rally in Buffalo NY. Four TV channels covering the rally had cameras in front of the stage. In the finale of each rally, we sing “God Bless the USA.” Emotions were high in Buffalo as the audience waved U.S. flags, sang along, and many wept. All four camera techs had looks on their faces as if they were vampires who had just been shown a cross. They were not happy campers. What is with these folks in the media? Why such disdain for their country?
At the April 15th Tea Party in Washington D.C., A reporter for Ebony, a prominent national black magazine, approached me for an interview after my performance. The reporter asked me the same two questions every other reporter has asked. Are the tea parties racist? Why are blacks not attending?
Without going into great detail in this article, I explained to the reporter the tea party movement is not about race, but about stopping an out of control administration from pushing our country towards socialism.
Frustratingly, the Ebony magazine reporter replied, “So, why do you hate Barack Obama?” Then, outrageously, he asked me again, “Are these rallies racist?” It was as if he did not hear a word I said.
The liberal mainstream media obviously has an agenda and a paradigm to maintain. They say the tea party movement is racist and the facts will not change their reporting.
At the Traverse City, Michigan rally on the Tea Party Express III tour, a white woman approached me in a wheelchair. Extremely excited she said, “Oh my gosh, it’s Lloyd Marcus. May I have a picture with you? Thank you so much for all you are doing for our country. I love you!”
After a picture and hugs, I chatted with other fans.
Later with tears in his eyes, Don, a Tea Party Express staff member, told me more about the woman in the wheelchair. The woman’s daughter told Don her mom was dying. The daughter said her mom told her, “All she wanted to do before dying was to meet Lloyd Marcus.”
Wow! I was blown away and humbled. Then, I became extremely angry at the liberal mainstream media’s and liberals’ viscous shameful attempts to portray the tea party patriots as racist.
Just the other day, after my performance at a tea party in St. Augustine, Florida, an elderly white veteran thanked me and broke down in tears for our country. We embraced for several moments.
The liberal mainstream media and democrats are attempting to racially divide and conquer our country. They are evil. As long as God gives me strength I will continue to defend my fellow patriots who are white and fight to take back America.