Tancredo urges Tea Partiers to send Obama back to Kenya

The Hill

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) urged Tea Partiers this weekend to help “send [Obama] back” to Kenya.

Speaking at a rally in Greenville, S.C., on Saturday, Tancredo cited remarks Michelle Obama made earlier this month in which she called Kenya was the president’s “home country.”

“If his wife says Kenya is his homeland, why don’t we just send him back?” Tancredo said, according to the Greenville News.

Asked about Tancredo’s comments, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed them as “lunacy.”

“I could probably fill the better part of my afternoons responding to the lunacy of people such as Tom Tancredo,” Gibbs said.

Talking Points Memo has more on the fiery rhetoric at the rally.


Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy

It looks like somebody is going to have to update the Waco Siege page on Wikipedia. Apparently the whitewashed history that former President Bill Clinton would like us to believe regarding the 1993 federal assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is missing important details regarding his own personal involvement.

In response to Bill Clinton’s highly publicized linking of the Tea Party movement to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing in an op-ed piece for the New York Times, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris disclosed on Monday that it was Clinton himself, and not Attorney General Janet Reno, as Americans have been led to believe for the past 17 years, who called the shots during the 1993 botched invasion that led to the death of seventy-six people.

Speaking on the Hannity program on the Fox News Network, Morris criticized Clinton for his Oklahoma City comments: “Let’s understand what was Timothy McVeigh’s motivation …he himself had said that it was the reaction to the Waco takeover. Bill Clinton orchestrated that takeover.”

Morris went on to say, “Clinton in fact was so ashamed about what he did in Waco that he was not going to appoint Janet Reno to a second four-year term. She told him in a meeting right before the inauguration day … ‘If you don’t appoint me I’m going to tell the truth about Waco.’ And that forced Clinton’s hand … It’s never been said (publicly) before.”

For years, Clinton has been criticized for his leadership of the federal government during the Waco crisis, but he has managed to escape personal responsibility for the tragedy. With Morris’s statements, it appears this may no longer be possible. It would seem that Clinton was far more intimately involved with the government response at Waco than previously reported.

While there may be a link between Clinton and the Oklahoma City bombing, I would hardly blame the actions of a psychopath on any one individual or political party.

However, for Clinton to associate such a horrible act of violence with freedom loving Americans, especially given the fact that he must be fully aware that it was his decisions that led to the Waco catastrophe which in turn inspired Timothy McVeigh, is remarkably shameless.


DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office

Canada Free Press

Members from all three branches of the Federal government already know that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the office of President. National leaders, to include members of the US Supreme Court, already know that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born citizen” of the United States of America, and therefore, is ineligible for the office he currently holds.

What they don’t know is how long it will take for most Americans to figure it out, or what to do about it.

The diversionary search for an authentic birth certificate is ongoing and Obama has now spent in excess of $2 million in legal fees to keep that search alive.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice continues to deploy taxpayer funded attorneys around the country to file dismissals on behalf of Obama, denying all American citizens access to the courts as a peaceful remedy, which only fuels the fire of discontent and the questions about Obama persist.

Michelle Obama states that Kenya is Barack’s “home country.” She knows, after twenty years with Barack. The Ambassador or Kenya has confirmed the same His family friends all know it, and are in fact quite proud of the fact that Americans had no hesitation in electing a “black man from Kenya” as President of the United States.

The US Supreme Court knows what the constitutional condition of “natural born citizen” means. Even the most far left member of that court, Justice Ginsberg, is on record proclaiming that a “natural born citizen” is a birth child of TWO legal US citizens.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knows that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the office of president, which is why she refused to certify the following language when certifying Obama as the DNC candidate for president in 2008.

This is the normal language for certification of nomination for president and vice president, filed by the DNC only in the state of Hawaii…


This is the language filed by the DNC in the other 49 states however…


Note that the language which certifies that Barack Hussein Obama meets all constitutional qualifications is missing in the DNC documents filed in 49 of the 50 states. The certification of constitutional qualification for the office of president was filed only in Hawaii. That text is missing in the DNC certification filings for all other states.

Whereas the RNC filed the exact same certification document, including the constitutional text for John McCain in all 50 states, Obama was technically certified in only one state, Hawaii. A mere inconvenient technicality, I’m sure…

The US Congress knows that Barack Hussein Obama is not constitutionally qualified for the office he holds. Although the congress passed a resolution proclaiming Senator John McCain a “natural born citizen” as the son of two US citizens, no such congressional resolution exists for Barack Hussein Obama.

The press knows that Obama is not a “natural born citizen,” having written on several occasions about the “Kenyan born” senator from Chicago. A number of citizens have already been arrested and jailed for asking these questions.

Over four-hundred law suits have been filed across the country asking the courts to force Obama to become the “transparent president” he promised to be, and all four-hundred are being dismissed before discovery, all on the basis that “no citizen has proper legal standing” to ask who and what their president really is…

Over a half-million citizens have now signed a petition demanding to see Obama’s birth records.

Numerous members of the US Military have refused deployment orders from Obama, on the basis that he refuses to evidence his constitutional qualifications to issue such orders. In most cases, the soldiers have simply been reassigned, so as to avoid any disciplinary action that could end in “defense discovery” which might finally force Obama to open up his files once and for all.

Now an eighteen year veteran flight surgeon and active Lt. Colonel faces court martial as he makes his demands for proof that Obama is constitutionally eligible to issue orders as Commander-in-Chief.

Obama’s entire domestic, foreign and national defense agenda has proven to be wholly anti-American

Obama’s entire domestic, foreign and national defense agenda has proven to be wholly anti-American on every possible level. Still, the answers concerning who and what Barack Hussein Obama Jr. really is remain elusive in the face of unprecedented efforts to ask the right questions.

No matter who asks, how they ask or where they ask, not one single individual in Washington DC or even state government seems willing to weigh in on the most important issue of our era. Who and what is the man sitting in the people’s White House?

How in the hell did we get an overtly anti-American resident of the people’s White House without so much as a simple birth certificate to prove who this person really is?

And why won’t a single elected representative of the people engage in the effort to force an answer to this question?

The answers to these and many more questions are likely very simple and equally chilling…

The Speaker of the House does not refuse to certify her candidate as “constitutionally qualified” in forty-nine of fifty states by accident

Nobody spends $2 million in legal fees to hide an authentic birth certificate. The Speaker of the House does not refuse to certify her candidate as “constitutionally qualified” in forty-nine of fifty states by accident. A press that knew he was the “first Kenyan born senator” didn’t forget that he was Kenyan born when he decided to run for president.

Most importantly, the people DO have a right (read – proper standing) to ask who and what their president really is, in any court, any time. And soldiers are court-martialed for refusing orders, unless those orders were issued by an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief.

DC knows what most Americans have yet to figure out…

Obama is NOT a natural born citizen no matter where he might have been born. Obama’s birth father was at no time an American citizen and on this basis alone, Obama cannot be a constitutionally qualified resident of the White House.

They know something else that the American people have yet to figure out…

The US Constitution no longer stands as the governing law of this land. Obama’s many unconstitutional policies, Czars, executive orders and statements provide the proof, and the fact that nobody in DC cares whether or not Obama is constitutionally qualified to be president of the United States should send a shiver down the spine of every red blooded American citizen, no matter their partisan agendas.

The people willing to ask the tough questions are deemed crackpots and conspiracy theorists, racists or bigots. But those tough questions should be obvious questions to all Americans and every president should have to answer those questions, no matter race, creed, color or party affiliation.

I fear that those questions will only be answered at the tip of pitch forks and torches one day. Sooner or later, the people will run out of patience with a system built to exclude them. When that day comes, I fear what methods will be employed and whether or not there will be a country left to save by then.

But sooner or later, one way or another, Obama will have to answer those questions. One day, the world will know who and what this man is and there will be a day of reckoning like no other in American history.

The longer it takes for that day to arrive, the more dangerous the situation will become. A man not even qualified to hold the office is using that office to destroy the greatest nation on earth. How much patience can the people be expected to display?

Obama is not eligible for the office he currently holds and everyone in a position to know – already know.

What they don’t know is how much longer they can keep it all a secret, or what will happen next


Free Speech Denied In Miami

Human Events


In an outrageous denial of free speech rights, Miami-Dade Transit last week forced the removal of a “Leaving Islam” ad campaign on Miami buses because the ads might be “offensive to Islam.”

The Freedom Defense Initiative, the new organization I have begun with bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer, and the group Stop Islamization of America started the ad campaign as a defense of religious freedom.

Our ad asked, “Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers! RefugefromIslam.com.”

It was the first time anyone offered public help to people threatened under Islam’s death penalty for apostasy.

At the behest of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an un-indicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case, Miami-Dade Transit took the ads off the buses in South Florida because they offended Muslims. Miami-Dade Transit is bowing to Sharia, Islamic law, which forbids non-Muslims to insult Islam.

CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups ran campaigns on buses across the country last year, including Miami, inviting people to convert to Islam and claiming that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were Muslim prophets.

Miami-Dade Transit allowed the CAIR bus ads despite being offensive to Jews and Christians. The CAIR bus ad campaign ran in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for eight weeks, according to the Miami Herald. No one took offense, despite the Islamic supremacist nature of the ads. No one breathed a word of protest.

At least three of the bus companies that ran CAIR’s dawah (invitation to Islam) bus ads turned down our ad. And Miami-Dade Transit tore our ads down in less than 48 hours.

So Muslim groups can run bus ads seeking converts to Islam, but we cannot make information available to Muslims who want to leave Islam.

Still think this is a free country? Still think we enjoy freedom of speech? Think again.

Freedom of religion is an unalienable right. Sharia law should hold no weight or legitimacy here. Apostates should be free in America to leave Islam without fear, and be who and whatever that they want to be.

According to  CAIR-South Florida director Muhammed Malik: “Islam guarantees freedom to and freedom from religion. . . . [We] reject as un-Islamic any extremist interpretation that sanctions the killing of any individual because she decided to ‘leave Islam.” If what Malik said were so, the ads would run.

There are thousands of dead apostates in Muslim countries. Al Azhar University, the leading Islamic university in the world, recently issued a fatwa that constitutes a death warrant on apostates from Islam. Ruling on the question of a Muslim who had converted to Christianity, the fatwa said: “Since he left the Islam, he will be invited to express his regret. If he does not regret, he will be killed pertaining to rights and obligations of the Islamic law.”

Will Muhammad Malik denounce Al-Azhar University? Will he denounce Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of Al-Jazeera, who said that all the major schools of Islamic law “agree that apostates must be executed”?

I am proud to announce that we are filing suit against Miami-Dade Transit for killing our “Leaving Islam” campaign. We are suing for breach of contract and violation of the first amendment.

This is a key test case. Will free speech stand in the United States, or will public institutions like Miami-Dade Transit give way to Islamic rules governing speech? The stakes couldn’t be higher.


So Why Aren’t Progressives Called Regressives?

As long as there is Free Speech, I hope that Jim continues to write stories like this and as long as he does, I will do what I can to help spread the word.

Great Work Jim.

1 Dragon

Canada Free Press

By Jim Campbell  Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have we had enough of the politics of Hope and Change?  Has anybody bothered to explain to the less fortunate among us that the Democrat Party and it’s promises of woefully designed social programs ultimately hurts the voting block that they need to remain in office?

I will…

On the campaign trail, how many times did we hear candidate Barack Obama say the following? I can make a firm pledge,” he said in Dover, N.H., on Sept. 12. “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” He repeatedly vowed “you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.

Wow, that sounds great, particularly if your desire is to further divide, blame the rich and marginalize segments of our society.  Think the evil rich!  You know, those who don’t pay their fair share, another liberal lie. It seems those promises, like most campaign promises, went up in smoke.

The largest federal increase in tobacco taxes took effect despite President Obama’s promise not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000. The poor tend to smoke, more so than the ‘rich’ thus, a regressive tax on the poor.  Once in office,  President Obama signed a law raising the federal tobacco tax on a pack of cigarettes to $1.01. Other tobacco products saw similarly steep increases.

Barack Obama said in the campaign that Americans could have both—a broad boost in affordable health insurance for the nation without raising taxes on anyone but the rich. What has resulted is health insurance premiums are already rising, employers are cutting jobs in anticipation of the onerous burden to be placed on them while they implement the forced mandates of Obama Care.

Again on the campaign trail, “Listen now,” candidate Obama said in his widely watched nomination acceptance speech, “I will cut taxes—cut taxes—for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.” (Another lie as all the tax increase above and below will prove.)

The middle class hasn’t begun to see the effect of the tyranny about to be brought upon them and the rest of America when the ” President Bush’s Tax Cuts” expire and President Obama’s new tax policies begin to take place in early 2011.

It is reasonable to conclude, using the failed economic policies of past Democratic presidents, think President Lyndon B. Johnson and President Jimmy Carter in recent history, many more jobs will be lost.  How does that help the poor? Tending to be less educated will they not be among the first to be terminated?

Do you recall the irony of President Obama’s pitch for Cap and Trade legislation while claiming energy prices will skyrocket?

The Democrats Energy tax creates tax hikes on every single American, thus once again another regressive tax on the less fortunate and the poor.

Let’s not forget the pending “soda tax” to control childhood obesity. What comes next the food police?
Then legislation in the works for an increased alcohol tax at the federal level?  Who will be effected more by an extra ten cents for a bottle of Bud, the ‘rich’ or the ‘poor’?

Legislation is currently on the drawing boards to increase the gas tax 10- 15 cents a gallon.  This will help the poor exactly how?

In closing, let us not forget that a Value Added Tax (VAT) is most likely headed for America.

Again, President Obama has said repeatedly that he will not raise taxes on families and businesses making less than $250,000. Of course the devil is in the details. Paul Volcker mentioned that new taxes, and possibly a VAT, will be needed to rein in large deficits. We are being led to believe that a VAT will generate more tax revenue, arguing that it’s more efficient because it doesn’t tax savings and investment. Do the poor and less fortunate tend to have savings and investments? Doubtfully.

Let us never forget that today’s horrible deficits represent the out-of-control spending by elected officials from both parties that have for years spent our tax dollars on failed programs. These failed programs, largely designed to help the “poor” have actually hurt them, forcing them to accept a dependency mentality and a belief system that big government programs and the Liberal Democratic party is looking out for them.  Truthfully, it’s the opposite. They depend upon the ignorant and uneducated among us for their votes.

The wars on housing, poverty, ( note that President Obama has increased spending in the 2011 budget on these failed programs to historic levels.  The Wars on drugs and teen pregnancy, all designed with our tax dollars to help the poor, when in reality they are harmed greatly by them. Think of living in government housing projects, among gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes, with virtually all of them carrying a gun (many of which have been bulldozed).

Would you want to raise a family there or would a private sector program, Habitat for Humanity, that uses the potential buyers sweat labor as equity, for part of his down payment along with those that help build the new home.

The war on drugs is a fiasco at best,  teen pregnancy is still on the rise and poverty is still rampant throughout America.

As candidate Obama’s favorite pastor has said, “The chickens have come home to roost.”  Sadly, the poor and less fortunate will be burdened disproportionately with increased taxes at a time in American history when they can least afford it.

The answers involve looking to the successes of recent history. Presidents JFK, Reagan, Bush, all cut taxes across the board, providing increased revenue and jobs with sustained growth in the private sector. (Source: CBO, decreasing taxes provides more revenue for federal government.)

In this sense, the Republican party represents the party of progress for the poor and less fortunate among us and they are welcomed to our party. The Republican party is not the party of “No” it must become the party of No More Wasteful spending which hurts all Americans, especially the poor. The Democratic party is the party of “No you can’t” “We can do it better for you,” of course we will use other peoples’ money.

I rejected liberal hyperbole in my early twenties, saw it for the fraud it was and have been a staunch advocate of fiscal conservatism to this day.  Jim’s Law: Profits employ – Taxes Destroy.

Random thoughts while observing the passing charade, I’m J.C.