Memo to MSM: When You’ve Lost Jon Stewart… You’re Officially Irrelevant

Big Journalism

As you know, more young people get their news from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show that anyplace else. For a sizable swath of the population, it hasn’t happened until they’ve seen it on Stewart’s Comedy Central show, and that includes reading about it in the New York Times. So when Stewart takes on the high-minded, but utterly false, media meme of those “racist tea-baggers,” so assiduously peddled by tired old white men of the Times like Frank Rich, people are going to notice.


Guess what?  They just noticed.

Click on the link and watch the opening segment with Wyatt Cenac, making good ribald fun of the MSM tropes that the Tea Partiers hate black people and gay people.  Of course, this being Stewart, there’s a good deal of Fox News bashing as well

But the larger point it this: when you’ve lost Jon Stewart — when a fake newscaster gets closer to the truth than the “real” newscasters — then the MSM’s fast-fading pretense to authority has just about disappeared.

Let the ridicule begin!


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