Dealing With a Taxing Addiction

Canada Free Press

Washington is addicted! The Capital building has become one big crack house, and the drug of choice for the addicts who fill its halls is the hard earned money of the citizens of this country.

Washington got its first taste of this highly addictive substance back in 1861 when congress passed a federal statute imposing a legal obligation to pay a federal income tax to help pay for the civil war.

While that income tax was repealed in 1872, the addiction had already been set, and a new income tax statute was passed by congress in 1894 to fulfill Washington’s overwhelming desire for another fix.

Unable to overcome its cash cravings, congress danced around the Constitution until 1913 when the 16th Amendment established a way to satisfy Washington’s addiction indefinitely. The rest is history.

So here we are today, with an America that keeps sending addicts back to a crack house in Washington to get their cash fix. Where does it all end?

Like any normal family, dealing with an addicted family member is never easy. While some in the family chose to ignore the problem, some actually become enablers. Others may fall into denial, while some try to escape by running away. In any of these cases, allowing the problem to persist will only exacerbate the condition of the addict, and possibly destroy the entire family.

The only way to truly deal with any addiction is to confront the addict face-to-face.

This confrontation should have the support and participation of the entire family. It will most certainly be a highly stressful event, and one that also pushes the limits of emotions and courage. It must be done in love, out of concern for both the addict and the entire family. But it must be done!

As Americans, we are all part of one big family. And for the most part, in spite of all our many differences, we still love our country – and each other.

Washington is addicted. But Washington is also part of our family. We love our family too much to allow this addiction to continue any longer.

It is time for an intervention!

The intervention is scheduled to take place this November 2nd.

For the sake of this great country – don’t you dare miss it!