Kenyan officials affirm, Obama ‘son of this soil’

Where are all the members of Congress who have sworn an Oath to the Constitution? Where is the Military and how can they still be taking orders from this USUPER? Where are the Supreme Court Justices who have also sworn an Oath to the Constitution? Some are guilty but all are responsable.

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By Drew Zahn
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Kenyan Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo

On the floor of the Kenyan National Assembly the day after Barack Obama was elected U.S. president, members of the African country’s parliament celebrated “a Kenyan ruling the USA,” calling Obama “a son of the soil of this country.”

As WND reported, Kenyan MP James Orengo asked the nation’s parliament only last month, “How could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?”

And while none of the comments made on Nov. 5, 2008, were quite so blatant in identifying Kenya as Obama’s birthplace, the declarations nonetheless claimed the president-elect as a Kenyan.

New strategy unveiled on answering Obama’s eligibility questions. See how you can help.

“Could we allow … a Motion for Adjournment so that we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA?” asked the MP for the Ikolomani Constituency, Dr. Boni Khalwale.

The mood on the floor of the Parliament was so raucous that day that an extended debate occurred on whether or not to call the session off to celebrate Obama’s election victory. Several MPs were even reported missing, allegedly because they were still out partying.

Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo requested of the chair, “The president-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country. Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same excitement, pomp and color. I, therefore, seek leave of the House that we adjourn to discuss the issue.”

Eventually, the chair was compelled to issue an official statement of congratulations in the effort to move the session forward. Deputy Speaker Maalim Farah delivered the statement, in which he echoed Odhiambo’s “son of the soil” language:

“Honorable members, as you may be aware, the people of the United States of America have just had a historic election where the son of this soil, Barrack Hussein Obama, has been elected the 44th president of the United States of America and the first African-American president in the history of that country,” said Farah, “please join me in registering and sending this House’s congratulations to the President-elect Obama for overcoming great odds to emerge victorious.”

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Chanise Foxx, free republic,, March7, 2010, I helped Obama campaign staffer Divorah Adler create a fake birth certificate, Fact Check, COLB

Citizen Wells

Chanise Foxx, free republic

*** Update below  March 7, 2010, 10:06 ET ***

The following comment was posted on this blog at 2010/03/06 at 10:13pm.

“My name is Chanise Foxx. I work at a office supply store in Kenwood, IL. After nearly 3 years of silence and death threats to me and my family to stay quiet, I am compelled to come forward and tell the world my secret.
“I helped Obama campaign staffer Divorah Adler create a fake birth certificate for use in the famous Fact Check story to prove the world of Obama’s birth in the 2008 election. Divorah approached me in early 2007 and held onto the birth certificate until she released it in August 2008.
“As I’ve been making fake IDs part-time for local college students for about eight years now, faking a birth certificate was actually quite easy. Our first step was to get our hands on someone else’s birth certificate from Hawaii. We then created the stationary to match.
“Next, we had to create an embossed stamp and rubber signature stamp for Hawaiian officials. With the help of a high-resolution scanner at the store, I did most of my work at night when the place was vacant…””

This morning around 8:00 EST, I attempted to access the article on Free Republic and was unable to access the article or Free Republic. I searched on Google and got this.

“Results for: Chanise Foxx free republic
DOH indirectly confirms: Factcheck COLB date filed and certificate … … My name is Chanise Foxx. I work at a office supply store in Kenwood, IL. …… – 5 hours ago -”

This proved that the article had been posted.

I then tried to access the cache and was unable to access it.

Another commmenter on this blog was unable to access Free Republic when I made the request.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


U.S. consulate bombed in Mexico

Mexican cartel leaders and members are being extradited to the  U.S. to stand trial for their crimes.
Mexican cartel leaders and members are being extradited to the U.S. to stand trial for their crimes.
Photo credit: DEA

A bombing incident at a U.S. consulate in Mexico received very little news media attention and absolutely no response from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Attorney General Eric Holder.

An explosion occurred at the U.S. consulate in Nuevo Laredo in Mexico on Saturday morning. A small bomb was thrown over the wall of the consulate but there were no casualties reported by U.S. or Mexican authorities.

The attack in the Mexican border city was the latest alleged attack by Mexican drug gangs who are targeting the U.S. due to American law enforcement assisting Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s attack on Mexican cartels. According to one law enforcement official, Mexican police investigators are reviewing videotapes from security cameras throughout the consulate in hopes of identifying a suspect or suspects involved in the bombing incident. The U.S. State Department ordered the closing of its consulates in Nuevo Laredo and Coahuila. This bombing was the second attack on the U.S. consulates and consulate staff in Mexico within one month. Three people working at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez were killed by gun fire on March 13. Law enforcement experts believe the Mexican drug cartels are retaliating against U.S. interests due to the large number of cases in which drug kingpins and their minions are being extradited to the U.S. to stand trial. For example, a law enforcement task force of federal, state, and local agents and officers on recently arrested 10 people linked to a Mexico-based drug trafficking organization that allegedly smuggled large quantities of methamphetamine into the United States and distributed the drug throughout Southern California, the Central Valley and the State of Washington, according to reports obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Dubbed the Don Chuy Drug Trafficking Organization, the narcotics ring allegedly obtained multi-kilogram quantities of methamphetamine in Mexico; arranged for the transportation of the drugs into the United States, primarily by using hidden compartments and fake car batteries in vehicles driven through international ports of entry; and distributed wholesale quantities of the drug through cells based in the Inland Empire, California’s Central Valley and Washington. During an eight-month investigation into the Don Chuy organization, law enforcement authorities seized approximately 90 pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of well over $5 million. Authorities made a series of large seizures of narcotics, including the seizure of almost seven pounds of methamphetamine on August 11, 2009; the seizure of almost five pounds of nearly pure methamphetamine on September 9; the seizure of approximately 24 pounds of methamphetamine that was discovered in a tractor-trailer on Interstate 5 in Kern County on October 26; the seizure of more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine in Fresno on November 17; and a seizure this morning of approximately five pounds of methamphetamine at a house in Gardena that authorities believe was maintained by the Don Chuy organization. Also, as authorities investigated people who allegedly transported methamphetamine for the Don Chuy organization, they seized eight kilograms of cocaine secreted in a vehicle that attempted to enter the United States at the Calexico Port of Entry on September 18. The Don Chuy Drug Trafficking Organization is named after the ring’s alleged leader, Jesus Marquez-Marquez, who is known as “Don Chuy” and allegedly stored drugs in Tijuana stash houses before the drugs were moved across the international border. Marquez-Marquez, who is the lead defendant in a criminal complaint filed yesterday in United States District Court, is believed to be in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Several of Don Chuy’s top lieutenants — including David Jimenez-Pedroza, who allegedly oversaw domestic distribution of Don Chuy narcotics — were arrested today or were previously taken into custody


FBI Lets Kennedys Keep Ted’s Embarrassing Records Private

Judicial Watch

In a deplorable example of special treatment for the politically connected, the FBI is letting Ted Kennedy’s family determine if certain embarrassing records from the late senator’s extensive bureau file should be withheld from the public.

Responding to a newspaper’s public records request, The Justice Department agency is in the process of releasing thousands of pages of files involving the legendary Massachusetts Democrat who died of brain cancer eight months ago. Problem is some of the information from his storied, decades-long political career is likely to upset the family, according to the FBI.

That’s why the feds are giving the Kennedy clan a rare opportunity to raise objections before the public disclosure of his exhaustive and secret FBI file, according to the Boston newspaper that filed the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the documents. The records were requested soon after Kennedy died in August at the age of 77.

It’s unusual for a federal agency to defer to a subject’s family before releasing public records but this involves the Kennedy political dynasty. The family will review all the documents set for release that the FBI deems most likely to upset them, according to an agency source. The bureau also claims that the Kennedys have “privacy concerns” related to the records.

Surely, they want to keep a lid on previously undisclosed information involving the incident that big Teddy is most famous for; the drowning death of his young mistress in 1969. Kennedy recklessly drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, east of Martha’s Vineyard, and let his 28-year-old mistress (Mary Jo Kopechne) drown in the pond while he fled the scene to avoid a public scandal.

Kennedy had an expired license and, as was customary for him, he had been drinking at a party before leaving with Kopechne. He later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a crime but only got a slap on the hand, a two-month suspended jail sentence.

Two decades after the horrific event more light was shed on the cover-up when the foreman of the grand jury that investigated the accident came forward and confessed that the panel was pressured by a judge and a prosecutor not to pursue the case. The foreman said the jury was manipulated and blocked from doing its job.


FBI Destroyed File on Obama’s Grandfather, Journalist Discloses

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 12 /Christian Newswire/ — The FBI destroyed a file on Barack Obama’s grandfather, the man who selected Communist Frank Marshall Davis to be the future president’s mentor during his growing-up years in Hawaii.

“The FBI confirms that a file was maintained on Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham,” states Cliff Kincaid, the journalist who runs the public policy group, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI). “This is a troubling development in the effort to understand the Marxism that drives Obama’s policies as president today.”

In correspondence with Kincaid, available at, the FBI says the file was destroyed in 1997. The FBI made the admission after Kincaid complied with a request to verify the identity of Dunham and the fact that he was deceased.

Dubbed “Gramps” by Obama, Dunham has been depicted in news reports as a patriot who served in the U.S. Army in World War II. But he had a close relationship with Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, who reportedly drank and smoke pot with Dunham.

Davis was not only a communist but a pornographer who wrote a semi-biographical novel about having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He mentored Obama for as many as nine years of his young life in Hawaii.

Dunham, who was white, had picked Davis as a mentor for Obama because he thought the youngster, whose father had abandoned the family, needed a black role model. Davis, who was black, fit the bill. “It was a terrible decision,” Kincaid commented. “He turned over the young Obama to a communist sex pervert for moral guidance.”

While the exact nature of the Dunham file will be a topic for speculation, Kincaid said that is likely that some of the information was related to Dunham’s relationship with Davis. Kincaid’s ASI had previously obtained the 600-page FBI file on Davis and posted it at It shows that Davis was a key high-level operative in a Soviet-sponsored network in Hawaii.

Obama had referred to Davis in his memoir as merely “Frank,” a poet filled with knowledge and advice. The real identity as that of Frank Marshall Davis was disclosed by a writer for a CPUSA publication, who said it would prove to be historically significant, and then publicized by anti-communist New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon. Kincaid confirmed the identity of “Frank” with a source in Hawaii and then obtained and posted the Davis FBI file.

However, most media, anxious to see Obama elected president, preferred to identify Davis as a “civil rights activist” and ignore his communist affiliations.


Frank Marshall Davis, alleged Communist, was early influence on Barack Obama

Western Journalism

Although identified only as Frank in Mr Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father, it has now been established that he was Frank Marshall Davis, a radical activist and journalist who had been suspected of being a member of the Communist Party in the 1950s.

Why didn’t the MSM ever report on this?

Mr Davis moved to Honolulu from Chicago in 1948 with his second wife Helen Canfield, a white socialite, at the suggestion of his friend the actor Paul Robeson, who advised them that there would be more tolerance of a mixed race couple in Hawaii than on the American mainland.

A bohemian libertine who drank heavily and loved jazz, he became friends with Stanley Dunham, Mr Obama’s maternal grandfather in the 1960s. Mr Davis died in 1987 at the age of 81, five years before Mr Dunham.

“He knew Stan real well,” said Dawna Weatherly-Williams, a close friend of Mr Davis “They’d play Scrabble and drink and crack jokes and crack jokes and argue. Frank always won and he was always very braggadocio about it too. It was all jocular. They didn’t get polluted drunk. And Frank never really did drugs, though he and Stan would smoke pot together.”

While his mother was in Indonesia during part of his teenage years, Mr Obama lived with his white grandparents. Mrs Weatherly-Williams said that the poet was first introduced to the future Democratic presidential candidate in 1970 at the age of 10.

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Kenyan Parliament claims Obama born in Kenya


by Sharon Rondeau

The Post & E-Mail

Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

(Apr. 11, 2010) — A member of the Kenyan Parliament has stated in a meeting of that body on March 25, 2010 that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

The statement, which discussed the concept of “devolution,” or ethnic inclusion, reads:  “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?”  A screenshot of page 31 of the Minutes where the statement appears is below.

The Post & Email recently reported the statements of numerous news sources, one of which was NPR, which reported Obama’s birthplace as Kenya, not Hawaii.  The Kenyan ambassador to the United States also affirmed that Kenya is Obama’s birthplace, stating that it was “well-known.”  Obama’s wife Michelle identified Kenya as her husband’s “home country” while addressing a group of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexuals during the presidential campaign of 2008.

The Kenyan Parliament had previously referred to Obama as a “son of the soil” of Kenya on November 5, 2008, in a meeting convened the day after the 2008 U.S. presidential election (p. 3275, right column).

With numerous sources reporting that Obama was born in a foreign country to a foreign father and only one person in the entire world stating that Obama was born in Hawaii, with no corroborating evidence offered in violation of Hawaii law, where is the U.S. military? What are they doing taking the orders of an apparently illegitimate Commander-in-Chief?

Is there only a small group of men and women out of a force of 2,000,000 with enough patriotism to stand up and demand that the putative president prove himself?

At this point, the entire burden has been borne by a handful of active duty and retired military including Major Stefan Cook, Lt. Col. Easterling, and Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, Captain Pamela Barnett, Cmdr. Charles Kerchner and their attorneys who have taken a stand by refusing to take the orders of someone who appears to be usurping the office of the Presidency.  While the courts have refused to hear many of the cases based on technicalities, the case of Kerchner v. Obama & Congress et al, which is on appeal with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Newark, NJ, has a hearing on the merits tentatively scheduled for June 29, 2010.

But where is the rest of the military?  What is Admiral Mullen doing, and how is he upholding his oath to the Constitution?

Where are the members of what used to be the finest fighting force in the world?  Why will they not come forward  and demand Obama’s documentation?  Do they really think that “we the people” are going to sit by and watch as our Constitution has been violated in the most egregious fashion by the biggest political heist in U.S. history?  Do the Joint Chiefs sit in their offices in comfortable chairs, collecting handsome paychecks and benefits, while the rest of us  are made to suffer under a usurper, a tyrant, and a foreigner?  Do they not care that they and their subordinates are taking the orders of an imposter, a foreigner, exactly the thing that Alexander Hamilton warned us against?

This has gone beyond political.  It has gone beyond “He said he was born in Hawaii.”  It has gone beyond, “I didn’t know.”  The evidence that Obama is a foreigner without any claim to the presidency is overwhelming.  Now it’s time to make the top brass do its job.  For if they have become just like the politicians and will not take action to remove  a usurper, they will also need to be replaced.

The phone number for the Department of Defense is 703-571-3343.  Their mailing address is 1400 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC  20301-1400.


Obama’s Global Failure

Canada Free Press

Our allies hate him. Our enemies are laughing at him. Nearly two years after Obama’s World Tour in which he did his best to convince voters that he understood global challenges with a high profile tour of a lot of foreign countries (a approach that if it worked should convincingly make every internationally famous rock star a foreign policy expert), his biggest global accomplishment is still his ability to travel around the world to high profile destinations on the taxpayer’s shrinking dime.

His attempts at diplomacy consisted of delivering vicious slaps across the faces of longtime allies, from England to Israel, and pathetic love notes to tyrants in Iran, Russia and Venezuela, who responded by openly mocking him.

Russia decided to stage a coup in Kyrgyzstan at the same time that Obama was signing a nuclear arms reduction treaty

Last week, in a scene almost worthy of the Godfather, Russia decided to stage a coup in Kyrgyzstan at the same time that Obama was signing a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia’s Medvedev. While Obama was exchanging good wishes with the titular head of the regime backing Iran’s destabilization of Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia was recognizing their own coup’s takeover, with their newly installed puppet leader, Roza Otunbayeva, a Moscow educated Soviet diplomat and top ranking former member of the Kyrgyz Communist Party.

A few hours later, the second secretary of the Lenin regional council, thanked Russia for its “significant support” in the takeover

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