The Cypress Times
Bill Turner

Dear Leader is a liar. B. Hussein Obama is a fraud. His lies are coming undone and the wheels are falling off of his shiny, Chinese made wagon. We all know Obama lies, we have seen him, heard him and read his lies, as reported fact, by the state run media. But, now the stories are unraveling and the truth is being told. It is just being told online, because the state run media made him into a messiah and they will not let him come undone, not yet, not while America is still standing and hasn’t been completely destroyed. On the other hand, I will rip away at the cover and expose the man-child as the fraud he is.

The anointed one, the ‘smartest president ever’ is a mere cardboard cut out, caricature of a man. We all know Obama won’t release his birth certificate. So what? We know he won’t release his transcripts, big deal (Even John Kerry released his “D“ laden transcripts). We know he was not a professor or Constitutional scholar. Well, we know it now. B. Hussein Obama was an instructor, a lecturer, not a professor. The professors, the real professors disliked the man-child and did not want him around. Chicago law school faculty have described Obama as ‘lazy, unqualified, never attending meetings and using his politically appointed position as a mere stepping stone’. Barry applied for a position as adjunct professor and was never considered for it. However, a few weeks later the Board of Trustees called the law school and told them ‘find him an office, put him on the payroll and find a class for him to teach’. Professor(s) described him as having ‘the lowest intellect’ in the building. It is doubted that Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Obama’s fraudulent past exposed:

Was he the editor of the Harvard Law Review: If so, he was the first editor of an Ivy League Law Review to never publish an article in the journal he allegedly edited.

B. Hussein Obama, the alleged former editor of the Harvard Law Review: Has not been an attorney since 2008 when he surrendered his law license to escape fraud charges.

Charges against B. Hussein Obama: Knowingly making a misstatement of material fact in applying for his license. Committing a criminal act that reflects poorly upon his fitness to practice law. Conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, fraud and misrepresentation. Engaging in prejudicial activity. Engaging in activity that brings the courts into disrepute.

Constitutional Law Professor: Not exactly. The Chicago Sun Times reports that Obama wasn’t even a professor, he was an occasional lecturer.

University of Chicago Law School: In 2008 they released a statement calling Obama a law professor, then a spokesman confirmed he was a part time lecturer.

Former Lecturer: Obama, the former lecturer, during his State of the Union Address quoted from the Constitution he professes to have taught, except the quote was from the Declaration of Independence.

State of the Union Address: The Liar in Chief scolded the Supreme Court for a case, giving an example of how they blew it, except the example was “not true”. He also managed to call our “unalienable rights” ‘notions’ and ‘promises’.

When you are a fraud, it is hard to keep the facts straight.

Obama, the most “transparent” president ever (just ask him, he will tell you), ordered his bar records redacted, leaving a mere trace record of him. The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has been wiped clean as well.

First Lady, Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. Voluntarily surrendering ones license is something that is typically done in exchange for whatever wrong doing you are about to be found guilty of, being dropped. Bill Clinton “voluntarily surrendered” his law license too, right before it was taken from him.

So, we have a president who lied about his being editor, lied about his being a professor and Constitutional professor, lied during the State of the Union Address, and surrendered his law license after being charged with serious offenses and major character flaws. Combine this with his unwillingness to release his transcripts, despite John Kerry releasing his transcripts, filled with “D’s” and Obama’s campaign website, which contained his ‘resume’ for the position of president, which only listed five dates of notoriety, one of which is his birth date and a portrait of a serial liar, fraud and unethical person emerges.

B. Hussein Obama has violated the law, the Constitution and his oath of office in incidents too many to list. He has lied to Congress, the Supreme Court, and the American people. Dear Leader has appointed people to positions of power within the White House, without having them approved by the Senate. What laws he has not broken, he has circumvented, up to and including the health care bill. The legislative and executive branch of the government are to remain separate. The president is not to hold “Health Care Summits” and try to influence the legislative process. The president is to approve or veto legislation as it comes out of Congress. Impeach Obama now. Do not wait. Every day that passes and articles of impeachment are not filed against B. Hussein Obama is a day each member of the House of Representatives is in violation of their oath of office.



Bill Turner
US West Regional Director


3 thoughts on “B .HUSSEIN OBAMA, FRAUD

  1. This asshole will bring his entire party down which will be a good thing for America. J.C

  2. Good job on exposing the fraud. You’re right, his lies are becoming much more evident now. We need to find some Republicans in Congress with some ‘cods’ and demand Obama answer for crimes.

    • Thanks for your comments. I don’t think anything will happen as long as the Dems control Congress.

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