Florida High School Forces Students to Partake in Pro-Obama Rally and DNC Video Without Telling Parents

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Out of Marin County, Florida, comes a very distressing story about abuse of high school students by school administrators at Martin County High School. On March 16, more than 2000 students gathered on the football field

of Martin County High School during school hours when they were mandated to be there. They were made to chant the Barack Obama campaign slogan “Yes, we can!” and also hold up posters with that very Obama slogan. All this was for a video which was then given to the Martin County Democrat Party for the purposes of handing it over to the Obama White House. There was no information given to parents either by notice or on the website of Martin County High School, and making matters even worse than they already were, at least 100 students who refused to partake had to anyway.

Originally the brainchild of a student organization at Martin County High School (perhaps the Young SEIU Hopefuls; I don’t know), the pro-Obama rally and companion video were intended to bring Obama to Martin County to speak at a Recovery Rally event for the purpose of uniting the community, local business owners, and even the local government (natch) to support one another (awww, how “touching!”) in the magical-yet-irrational hopes of magically “ending the recession.” The Recovery Rally is a pet project dreamed up by a Martin County High School student organization (can you say future government employees?) to have Obama show up in their community and spread the propaganda of his Middle Class Task Force. Poor kids: Clearly, they’ve been indoctrinated into believing that Obama is the “Savior” and that government is the answer to everything. That makes me ask, Where the heck are their parents??!!


4 thoughts on “Florida High School Forces Students to Partake in Pro-Obama Rally and DNC Video Without Telling Parents

  1. That principle should be fired. That is something no school should be forcing students to do.

    • The Golden Boy Barry needs to have people there when he talks, er read from his teleprompter. It’s more about control.

  2. If I was a parent there, there would be a principal with a broken nose.

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