Democratic Party Corruption

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Sometimes we assume that people are aware of how corrupt the Democratic Party is, but it isn’t necessarily so. I was surprised to learn that my well-informed wife didn’t know about Alcee Hastings, the paradigm of liberalism.

Hastings was once a federal judge, but he was impeached–it is hard to articulate what a difficult, cumbersome process that is–because he solicited bribes from criminal defendants. That is, he approached the criminals and told them that he would let them off if they paid him. That’s a little extreme, even for a Democrat. Hastings’ efforts to make himself rich in this criminal fashion came to light and he was investigated. He responded to the investigation by committing perjury.

As a result of his multiple crimes, Hastings was removed as a federal judge by the United States Senate, one of the few times in history that has happened. Here is the really astonishing thing: instead of going to jail, Alcee Hastings went to Congress! Democratic voters were not in the least concerned that he is a criminal of the most verminous sort. On the contrary, they elected him to represent them in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District! That, really, tells you all you need to know about the depravity to which the Democratic Party has sunk.

Now, Alcee Hastings, exposed as a criminal and a betrayer of his oath as a federal judge, is playing a key role in the Democrats’ effort to jam Obamacare down the throats of unwilling voters. Here is Hastings explaining that the Democrats have no intention of following House rules; rather, they are just making it up as they go along:

Alcee Hastings, a disgraced criminal who escaped prison by trading on his privileged status as a Presidential appointee: a perfect representative of today’s Democratic Party. We are being ruled by people who should be behind bars.


3 thoughts on “Democratic Party Corruption

  1. “By any means necessary” seems to be the liberal motto as of late. But Obama did promise to radically transform America. That’s probably the one true thing he’s said in the past year.

    As much as it hurts, this COULD turn out for good. There are so many complacent sleeping Americans who’ve just gotten to used to freedom. Maybe the socialists will remind us why it’s so precious.

  2. LOL great post, this entire crew belongs behind bars, Jim

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