The Post & E-Mail is reporting that Hawaii has no records on Obama. But didn’t he say he was born there? How could this be? Seems to me that his whole life is a lie. The Great USUPER Obama, a sealed past, an empty suit, our Resident in Thief. Nice job Barry, er Steve, or what ever your name is.       1Dragon

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  1. Officially by China’s history, I am China’s emperor in exile. My comments are as follows: For the life of me, I can not see any nation electing a homosexual or former homosexual as their president. I am an American citizen as it was my grandfather who came to this nation for safekeeping. My father and I were born here in exile.

    I hold a very good and high opinion of this nation, but for you, your nation, to negate your laws and for your judges to refuse to uphold the laws of the land appears to be inexcusable. You, Americans, seem to think that Barack Obama is upright, flawless, and a good man, yet by God’s upright standards and by your nation’s laws this man is not. Not even, legally, a U.S. citizen and not even a natural born American. His whole life, his mother’s, and grandparent’s lives were filled with hate and contempt for this nation. Being outsiders for three generations, Obama has risen to the top of your nation!

    I see him as being the Bible’s fulfillment of the anti-Christ and, also, known as the man of lawlessness as given in the Bible. The future for God and good people is bleak as this man will set himself up as a god. The bible says that his sins will reach the heavens and that he will perform miracles and every knee will bow down to this man.

    My interest as an American and as a Christian is to bring God’s word back to China with me and to have the support of all of the people of the United States of America in this effort. With the anti-Christ and man-of-lawlessness in control of your nation, I can not expect your nation’s love and cooperation for my Christian efforts in China. Can I not?

    HIM Yao Sui,
    officially by China’s history, Emperor
    of China in exile and loyal U.S. citizen.

    Ps: And by the way, I do not believe in socialism, yet Obama will convert the entire nation little by little without revealing his true intentions. How can you Americans allow for such things to happen to your great nation!

    • First of all, thank you for your comments. As far back as I can remember, I have never trusted nor have I liked obama. I consider him the Resident in Chief or Resident is Thief, take your pick. With me, this has never been about the color of his skin but it has been about his past, his politics and the way he was brought up. Most people call me a racist, well if being a Patriot and loving my Country and standing up against Socialism makes me a racist then so be it.

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