The Post & E-Mail is reporting that Hawaii has no records on Obama. But didn’t he say he was born there? How could this be? Seems to me that his whole life is a lie. The Great USUPER Obama, a sealed past, an empty suit, our Resident in Thief. Nice job Barry, er Steve, or what ever your name is.       1Dragon

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Obama Sends “Stimulus” Funds to Phantom Congressional Districts

Canada Free Press

To promote bragging rights for how much good the stimulus money was doing for America, the Obama Administration set up a website called “” Recorded on the site were details by zip code and congressional district as to how much money was sent there and how many new jobs were created as a result. It was a great piece of public relations where news reporters and politicians could find and quote the latest “good news for the economy.”

However, there was one small problem. The Administration didn’t count on a group called New Mexico Watchdog, a project of the Rio Grande Foundation. While researching the site, the Foundation’s investigative research journalist Jim Scarantino noticed something strange. It seems the site was reporting money going to several New Mexico congressional districts that do not exist.

The website reported that $26.5 million went to ten New Mexico Congressional districts. The site credited that money with creating a whopping 61.5 jobs. That, in itself, should be a crime – spending more than $430,000 per job crated. However, that wasn’t the big story. The fact is, those ten Congressional districts do not exist. New Mexico only has three – not thirteen.

As New Mexico Watchdog broke the story, investigators from other states took up the hunt, finding a total of 440 phantom congressional districts receiving nearly $6.4 billion to “create or save” just under 30,000 jobs – almost $225,000 per job. The “99th” District of North Dakota, a state which has only one congressional district, received more than $2 million.

Mississippi’s 5th District and Oklahoma’s 6th District, and Pennsylvania’s 21st District each received $1 million. But none of them exist. All three were eliminated as a result of the 2000 census. Money also went to 35 congressional districts in Washington, DC and the four American territories, all of which have no congressional districts.

Then it got worse. Not only did the site almost double the size of Congress with its phantom districts, further examination showed money also going to zip codes that don’t exist.  The site reported that $373,874 went to New Mexico zip code 97052 – but no jobs were created. $36,218 was credited for creating five jobs in zip code 87258. $100,000 went into zip code 86705 – but no jobs were created. None of these zip codes exist.

Again, the nationwide search showed the same results. West Virginia – $28 million in non-existent zip codes; Nebraska – millions more in non-existent zips; Washington state – more stimulus funds in non-existent zip codes; Virginia – $9.5 million in phantom zip codes; Colorado – millions more; Oklahoma – $11.5 million – phantom zips.

And the excuse from the Obama Administration? Clerical error. Ed Pound, director of communications for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board blamed the problem on an oversight by the fund recipients. He said it appeared that some of those filling out the reports just didn’t know their congressional districts (or zip codes apparently), and therefore listed an inaccurate number.

But the Administration is quick on its feet and in its transparency. The problem has been solved. All of the reports from non-existent Congressional districts and zip codes have been removed and re-listed under “unassigned congressional districts.” No one, of course, has bothered to investigate where the money actually went.


Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow


The Obama administration is poised to ban offshore oil drilling on the outer continental shelf until 2012 or beyond. Meanwhile, Russia is making a bold strategic leap to begin drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While the United States attempts to shift gears to alternative fuels to battle the purported evils of carbon emissions, Russia will erect oil derricks off the Cuban coast.

Offshore oil production makes economic sense. It creates jobs and helps fulfill America’s vast energy needs. It contributes to the gross domestic product and does not increase the trade deficit. Higher oil supply helps keep a lid on rising prices, and greater American production gives the United States more influence over the global market.

Drilling is also wildly popular with the public. A Pew Research Center poll from February showed 63 percent support for offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. Americans understand the fundamental points: The oil is there, and we need it. If we don’t drill it out, we have to buy it from other countries. Last year, the U.S. government even helped Brazil underwrite offshore drilling in the Tupi oil field near Rio de Janeiro. The current price of oil makes drilling economically feasible, so why not let the private sector go ahead and get our oil?

The Obama administration, however, views energy policy through green eyeshades. Every aspect of its approach to energy is subordinated to radical environmental concerns. This unprecedented lack of balance is placing offshore oil resources off-limits. The O Force would prefer the country shift its energy production to alternative sources, such as nuclear, solar and wind power. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with that, in the long run, assuming technology can catch up to demand. But we have not yet reached the green utopia, we won’t get there anytime soon, and America needs more oil now.

Russia more sensibly views energy primarily as a strategic resource. Energy is critical to Russia’s economy, as fuel and as a source of profit through export. Russia also has used energy as a coercive diplomatic tool, shutting off natural gas piped to Eastern Europe in the middle of winter to make a point about how dependent the countries are that do business with the Russians.

Now Russia is using oil exploration to establish a new presence in the Western Hemisphere. It recently concluded four contracts securing oil-exploration rights in Cuba’s economic zone in the Gulf of Mexico. A Russian-Cuban joint partnership will exploit oil found in the deep waters of the Gulf.

Cuba has rights to the area in which drilling will be conducted under an agreement the Carter administration recognized. From Russia’s perspective, this is another way to gain leverage inside what traditionally has been America’s sphere of influence. It may not be as dramatic as the Soviet Union attempting to use Cuba as a missile platform, but in the energy wars, the message is the same. Russia is projecting power into the Western Hemisphere while the United States retreats. The world will not tolerate a superpower that acts like a sidekick much longer.