Our Resident in Thief

Socialism is Not The Answer

Okay, so Barry won the election, big deal. Al Gore won a Nobel Prize and he is still in trouble over all of his lies. So lets say that Barry gets the obamacare Bill passed and the government starts taking out taxes on everyone. Even if you don’t want them too. Well after all it is being forced upon us and will be enforced by the IRS. But lets say that somewhere down the road, the rest of the People find out that Barry is Unconstitutional, a USUPER, a fraud, not a natural born citizen. Every Bill that he signed into law will be null & void. Okay Cool. BUT, what about all the money he has spent? All the taxes he put on the American people that were Unconstitutional? If The People do not want a Government Run Health Care, what gives the Government the Right to force it on the People? What has happened to our Constitution and our Government Officials who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution? Are there any TRUE Americans in Washington anymore or have they all been bought off ?       1 Dragon

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