Beyond Scandalous – Lawyers Gave Gitmo Detainees Pictures of Their CIA Interrogators

Family Security Matters
CIA operatives are supposed to be anonymous. Remember the outrage in the media when Valerie Plame was deliberately “outed” by members of the Bush administration in order to get back at her husband? Turns out that wasn’t quite true; her covert status has been questioned and the person who actually disclosed her name to columnist Robert Novak, Richard Armitage, was merely passing along a gossipy tidbit, not trying to ruin her career on behalf of the Bush administration. (The information came too late to save Lewis “Scooter” Libby from being convicted of perjury.)
However, a real scandal has erupted as an investigation reveals that lawyers who once represented Gitmo detainees took part in a campaign that involved photographing CIA interrogators and showing those photos to their Gitmo clients:
The investigation has been under way for many months, but was given new urgency after the discovery last month of additional photographs of interrogators at Guantanamo showing CIA officers and contractors who have carried out interrogations of detainees, according to three officials familiar with the investigation. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Findings of the investigation to date produced some signs that the senior al Qaeda detainees at Guantanamo gained intelligence on CIA interrogators through their lawyers that could be used in future legal proceedings.
CIA counterintelligence officials have “serious concerns” that the information will leak out and lead to the terrorists targeting the officers and their families, if the identities are disseminated to terrorists or sympathizers still at large, said one official.
“They have put the lives of CIA officers and their families in danger,” said a senior U.S. official about the detainees’ lawyers.

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